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How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom

How to Make the Most of a Small Bedroom
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Unless you’re designing your home from scratch, chances are there are some areas that aren’t quite perfect. Many homes feature at least one room that is pretty small – normally a bedroom – making you wonder what you could possibly do with it. It can be a challenge to make a small bedroom work: fitting in a bed, wardrobe, desk and drawers is no easy task. 

However, with a little cunning and some out-of-the-box thinking, even the smallest sleeping quarters can be transformed from a cluttered cave into a cozy den. So, whether you need to make space for yourself, or squeeze all the kids into one room, read on to discover how to make the most of your small bedroom.

Let There Be Light

Letting the light flood any room will help it look larger than it actually is. Rather than hanging heavy curtains, go for lighter blinds, or do away with window treatments altogether. Besides natural light, use a variety of small lamps for when the night sets in, as opposed to one large ceiling light. This spreads the light more evenly around the room and highlights each section, as well as providing more than just one great reading nook.

Tone it Down

When thinking about a colour scheme, whites and pale shades generally make a small space look larger. Restrict your palette to one or two tones, keeping things simple with occasional accents. Use splashes of your favourite colours to liven things up a bit, either in your choice of furniture and furnishings, or as decor. Dark shades can also be added in the same way.

Feature Wall

A feature wall can be a fantastic way of tricking the eye into thinking a narrow room is longer than it actually is. A stylish wallpaper or bold splash of paint both work well here, while a large mirror can create the illusion of even more space.

Keep Ahead

In a small bedroom, every centimeter counts. Your headboard can be transformed to serve a multitude of purposes. With foresight, it can be designed to provide floor-to-ceiling storage solutions, shelves for books and other personal items and a bedside table, all in one. Ensure there’s enough space for a lamp or a spotlight to enable comfortable bedtime reading.

Double Duty Furniture

The rest of your furniture can also be tasked with two or more purposes. A high bed, for example, offers excellent storage options. Alternatively, kids and adults alike may enjoy a tall bed, with a built-in desk or wardrobe underneath. Wardrobes and the chest of drawers can be adapted to fit shelves on the outside if wall space is short. A desk that has several drawers presents another useful storage solution.

Don’t Cram

If you’re not able to fit all the pieces of furniture you want into your small bedroom, don’t try! You will end up cramming your room and squeezing any spare space out. Instead, custom-made furniture can be a worthwhile investment.

Rather than squashing it up against a wall, if possible, try to leave space either side of the bed. Not only does this improve your options for moving about, but it also makes the room appear larger. Any furniture that isn’t strictly necessary should be avoided, as it will only take up valuable space. You can double the capacity of a small wardrobe by using double hangers.

Look Up

Make use of the high spaces in your tiny bedroom. Fit shelves for books, or other items that aren’t regularly used, close to the ceiling. This draws the eye up, giving the impression of a larger space, while keeping a multitude of items neatly stored away.

A small bedroom isn’t always a bad thing, and with a little forward thinking, it can become a cozy hideaway. Using a combination of design tricks and practical furniture will enable you to make the most out of the tiniest of bedrooms.

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