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How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook at Home

How to Create the Perfect Reading Nook at Home
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We all need to escape the stress of real life every now and then. Sinking into a comfy chair and losing yourself in a good book is a fantastic way to get away from it all and can provide some essential ‘me’ time. However, it can be difficult to disconnect from everyday life at times, and trying to read on the couch while the kids are running around isn’t the great escape you were perhaps hoping for. 

All hope is not lost though! By creating a reading nook at home, you can designate one small area as your own private space. This cozy slice of paradise is easy to create whether you have small rooms and space is scarce or you’re spoiled for choice in a roomy house. Read on for some tips and tricks!

Make Space

Before you start buying or making the things you need to fill your reading nook, you’ll need to choose a space for it. Ideally, you’ll find somewhere away from the busiest parts of the home, somewhere quiet and tucked out of sight.

The bedroom or dining room probably work best, though you can create the perfect reading spot wherever it feels right. Try to avoid being too close to the kitchen, TV, bathroom or front door, as these areas will inevitably generate noise throughout the day. The size of your nook is up to you and even tiny spaces can work really well with a little imagination.

Set the Scene

Once you’ve decided on a space, you need to make it your own little getaway. Decide what kind of atmosphere you want and what you’ll need to achieve it. Think about whether you want to implement a colour scheme – you can consider painting the walls, buying colour coordinated furniture, or simply adding some pallet decorations to make the space stand out.

As well as simply coordinating colours, you could also add a mural, a selection of your favourite artwork or inspiring quotes. By setting the scene in this way, the space truly becomes a place for you to enjoy.

Filling it Up

How are you most comfortable when you read? Do you like to sink into a deep armchair, or stretch your legs out? Think about whether you want a comfy armchair, a bench or even just cushions or a bean bag on the floor. Remember, this is your space and anything goes, so feel free to personalize your space!

Besides a comfy place to sit, it’s also worth considering adding shelves to house your favourite books, as well as a few decorations. A small desk or cabinet may also work for your space. If space is limited, however, don’t despair! Fold-up desks can be easily fitted into any area, tucking away when not in use. Ideal for resting a drink, snack, and pen and paper on, they are a worthwhile addition.

Brighten Up Your Nook

With the colours chosen and the important items moved in, your reading nook is really beginning to take shape. Now you need to know that you can enjoy it at any time of the day. For daytime reading, natural light is the best, and a nook that sits next to a window is ideal. If the sunshine is too bright, ensure your window is fitted with a shade.

As the sun sinks and your eyes begin to strain, you’ll need a lamp of some sort. The style you choose depends entirely on your space and your own personal taste, with anything from built-in spotlights to a traditional desk lamp working well. Choose the colour of the bulbs carefully and select one that allows you to read in comfort. Bulb colours typically range from ice white (which can appear somewhat clinical) to warm yellow.

Get Cozy

Like a bear and its cave, the reader must fill their reading nook with all those things that keep them warm and comfortable for extended periods of page turning. A thick, giant-knit blanket is a nice choice, a soft pillow works well for longer reading sessions, and houseplants are great for promoting positivity and keeping the air clear.

Hide Away

To really get away from it all, you can hide your reading nook out of sight from the rest of the home. If this can’t be easily done, tall furniture can be cleverly positioned to cut it off from the rest of the surrounding room. A bookshelf is a natural choice, but for those nooks that are on or very close to the floor, a chest of drawers works just as well. Hang pictures or decorations on the back sides of these pieces of furniture so that they appear attractive whichever way you look at them.

Now, just settle in with a warm drink and a good book and enjoy all your hard work!

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