Clever Uses for Your Backyard Shed

Clever Uses for Your Backyard Shed

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The humble garden shed provides shelter for tools and kids’ toys whatever the weather, year after year. However, more and more homeowners are transforming their sheds to suit all manner of different purposes. If yours is looking in need of some TLC, or you’re considering building a brand-new one, you may be wondering what you can do with it, besides the obvious. 

The potential answers are limited only by your imagination, but we’ve listed some of our favourites below. So, if you’re looking for some shed inspiration, read on!

Kids Play Zone

For many kids, the shed is often a little spooky and not somewhere they’d like to spend much time. This can change, however, by giving it a tidy up, painting it in bright colours and adding a number of toys and playthings. Recycled shipping pallets would be the best choice here, as you can use them to make quirky furniture pieces, colourful decorations, and even create an amazing floor or unique wall by using pieces of pallet like a puzzle.

The shed can become a playhouse, letting the kids have a go at being adults for a few hours. Simply add small tables and chairs, a play kitchen and a living room and let their imaginations run wild. You can even fit a small bed for naps – complete with a cot for their favourite doll, of course!


Women across the land have been staking their claim on the garden sheds in their backyards, transforming them into small enclaves of peace and tranquility. Either fix up an old shed or build a brand-new one to create your own getaway, ideal for any number of hobbies or simply for relaxing with a good book in the coziest reading nook.

Kitted out with everything you need to be happy, the she-shed can take many forms depending on its owner. From party central, to peaceful arts and crafts workshop, a she-shed should be a reflection of your personality. Add your favourite decorations, and maybe some beautiful plants and flowers, and you’ll have your own little oasis away from the world.

Man Cave

While the she-shed is rising in popularity, many men are hanging tough in their man caves. Kitted out with anything from video games and home cinemas to pool tables and gyms, the man cave is a place to get away from domestic life for a few hours and enjoy some of your favourite things. And if you really want to take things up a notch, go ahead and build a fantastic fire pit that will allow you and your buddies to spend a great time talking, laughing, and, of course, grilling!

Brewery and Bar

As more and more people take to home brewing, numerous garden sheds have been kitted out to resemble nano-breweries. Once fitted with running water and electricity, they are the ideal places to brew, and can be expanded to meet future brewing needs. With a few fridges and freezers installed, you can create a pretty advanced set-up and make some fantastic ales.

With so much beer, you’re gonna want to share it. Why not create your own private bar for friends and family? The bar counter itself is easy to make, and with a little fiddling, you can even serve tap beer fresh from the brewery. This setup would be perfect for social gatherings and it will come in handy if you’re planning to make the most of autumn!

Spa and Wellbeing Center

Who needs to spend money on a day at the spa, when you can get all the relaxation you need from the comfort of your own shed! If space allows, a hot tub is a fantastic addition, and the ideal place to relax. You could even go one step further and transform your shed into a sauna, complete with a massage shower.

Home from Home

Teenagers often begin to crave their independence as they enter the later teen years. If they truly feel like they’ve outgrown the family home, but aren’t quite ready to leave the nest, a shed house could be the perfect middle ground. For a real test of independence, make it a project that they can work on, transforming the old shed into their dream pad.

Depending on the size, they can create a fully functioning tiny home – and if space is an issue, you can always use some design tricks to make small space look bigger! This is a great step for both child and parents, allowing both to get used to the change before they really do leave home.

Mini Zoo

For the animal lovers out there, especially those whose hobby may have gotten somewhat out of hand, the garden shed can provide an excellent place to house a wide variety of critters. Reptiles and other creatures that live in tanks or cages are particularly well-suited to shed life. In the case of snakes and other reptiles, heating can be installed to ensure they’re comfortable.

Alternatively, an old shed can be converted into a chicken coop, a luxury dog house or a cat playground. Better still, if you’re keen to transform your home into a homestead, the shed can make a fantastic pen for a wide variety of animals, including goats and pigs.

So, if you’ve got a dilapidated shed in your yard, give it some love and attention. Pretty soon, it can become anything you want it to be!

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