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Post US Election Results, Interest in Homes in Canada Sees Sharp Increase

Post US Election Results, Interest in Homes in Canada Sees Sharp Increase
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LATEST UPDATE — Nov. 10, 2016: The number of visits Point2 Homes has received from the U.S. has continued to surge, 2 days post-election, showing a remarkable 700% growth over all Canadian listing pages.

Here’s the new traffic graph, showing that the number of visits doubled since yesterday. 



Visits came from all cities across the U.S. particularly from New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Dallas, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston, Boston, and Philadelphia. 

Ontario for sale listings and rental pages continue to attract most visits: we now see a 900% increase in traffic on the homes for sale pages and a 1,120% increase on the rental pages, compared to the same period last week.

Here are the updated figures showing traffic growth on Point2 Homes for sale listing pages (a breakdown by city):

  • Cape Breton traffic: up by 600%
  • Toronto traffic: up by 515%
  • Montreal traffic: up by 430%
  • Vancouver traffic: up by 335%
  • Ottawa traffic: up by 275%
  • Windsor traffic: up by 216%


Published Nov. 9, 2016: As the United States just witnessed a shift of power between its presidential candidates during the election night, the question raised at the beginning of the year seems to haunt Americans again: is moving to Canada still an option they’d consider? The crash of Ottawa’s immigration website and the spike in Google searches on keywords such as “moving to Canada” or “immigrate to Canada” just hours after the results were announced seem to point in that direction.

Just like we did in February, when we checked how serious Americans were about the prospect of moving to Canada, we went ahead and monitored the traffic which has poured in from the US just prior to election day and immediately after. The results show a massive increase of over 400% in searches targeting homes for sale in Ontario, particularly in Toronto.

Overall, traffic from the US on Point2 Homes listings in Canada was up by 282%. And here’s an insightful demographic aspect: the majority of Americans who looked for available inventory in Canada were Millennial women (age groups 25 to 34 and 35 to 44).



Ontario homes for sale see a sharp increase of 417% in visits from potential American home buyers

Thousands of American visitors started to search for homes for sale in several cities in Ontario during the last 24 hours. Searches for Toronto real estate listings went up by more than 200% while Ottawa homes for sale were the second most targeted pages, registering an increase of 132%.

And it isn’t just homes for sale Americans are looking for. Thousands flocked to Point2 Homes’ rental listing pages as well — Ontario rental pages receiving over 400% more views in the past few days.

Americans also show interest in Montreal, Vancouver and … Cape Breton

After Toronto, it was Montreal, Vancouver and the little town of Cape Breton in Nova Scotia which saw the number of listing views coming from the US skyrocketing compared to the last week in October.

And what kind of homes are Americans interested in?

This $349,000 CAD lake house in Digby County, Nova Scotia received close to 200 views in the last 24 hours:


1,577 sqft, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, $349,000 CAD

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