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Canadian Homes under $40K that Need a Little Tender Loving Care

Canadian Homes under $40K that Need a Little Tender Loving Care

Are you a handyman who loves a challenge? Do you like to make money by the sweat of your labour? If so, we have a proposition for you. Several, in fact, across all the provinces of Canada, and the prices start as low as $15,000! They are ‘fixer-uppers’, low-cost homes, many of them run-down and badly in need of some TLC, but they could all be good investments for somebody who wants to put in the necessary work.

Here we present one property from each Canadian province which we believe will tempt the handyman in you:


410 1st Street N, Cabri, Saskatchewan, $15,000 CAD

There’s plenty of scope here for a talented handy person to make something good out of this property. It’s located in the community of Cabri, which has a health care centre, a grocery store and even a hotel and restaurants. And the community is not far from Swift Current and the Trans-Canada Highway.



737 DUVAR Road , Duvar, Prince Edward Island, 3 bedroom, 1 bath, $16,500 CAD

This property on Prince Edward Island is showing the effects of age and it will take a lot of work to bring it up to a good standard. For a start the basement is in need of a foundation. But with its 3 large bedrooms and its large kitchen it is clear that this is potentially a great space for your family.



89 Gravelly Hill Rd., Kings, New Brunswick, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, $17,900 CAD

This older New Brunswick property has not been lived in for some time, and it definitely needs fixing up, but it has lots of potential. The house has 1.5 stories – and it looks as if more bedrooms could be added – and also a large shed. It sits on .61 of an acre of good land which maybe could be developed.



1564 HIGHWAY 10, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, $19,000 CAD

If you want a home that has been pared down to its wooden frame so you can let your imagination go wild with the possibilities, then this property might just be for you. The building is large and so is the 2.70 acre lot, so there is plenty of space to work with. And with trails and lakes nearby, it is certainly in a great location for outdoors types!



213-215 CONCEPTION BAY HIWY, Salmon Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador, 2 beds, 1 bath, $19,900 CAD

Once upon a time this Newfoundland property was a gas station and a convenience store, but it hasn’t been used for years and now requires a lot of work to bring it up to a reasonable standard. There is a concrete floor, so you have something to start with. And the location is great, right on the main highway and close to trout ponds and trails.



2 3 Avenue, Empress, Alberta, $24,900 CAD

The roof is in poor condition, the main floor is mostly gutted and the second floor must be rebuilt, but this Alberta property has potential. For a start, there are water and sewer lines present. But, maybe best of all, there is the possibility that it could be accepted as a historic site, and so reconstruction might be eligible for financial assistance!



5 QUINCY Street , Bruce Mines, Ontario, $29,900 CAD

A property described as a ‘renovators dream home’ just has to be on our list! This 2-story house has a new metal roof, windows and some doors, but is otherwise ready for your input and inspiration. You might like to work with the beautiful wooden trim that can be seen throughout the house. The large yard offers privacy and space for a garage.



882 2nd Ave., McBride, British Columbia, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath,  $29,900 CAD

McBride is a community on the Yellowhead Highway not far from Jasper National Park. It is surrounded by a great variety of natural beauty and is popular destination for skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing in winter and hiking and fishing in summer. This property has 3 bedrooms and a 4-piece bathroom and will certainly repay some serious TLC.



3 Sophia Bay, Traverse Bay, Manitoba, $34,900 CAD

This property in Traverse Bay, Manitoba comprises a main residence, which is insulated and has plumbing and a hot water tank, and can be improved in whatever way suits you. There are also secondary buildings on the site which could be used as part of your grand plan. There are even some sheds here – the possibilities are limitless!



4 Ch. du Lac-à-Larche, Cayamant, Quebec, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath, $39,000 CAD

You can see the inherent beauty of this Quebec home, though the current owners don’t shy away from saying that it needs some work done. The property is situated in a village near to picturesque Lac Cayamant, with its great fishing opportunities, and it’s not so far from Ottawa.



We hope that we have inspired you and maybe even encouraged you to take the plunge, gather your tools together, and get yourself a proper ‘handyman special’!

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