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The Breathtaking Beaches of Atlantic Canada

The Breathtaking Beaches of Atlantic Canada
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If you do a quick Internet search of Canadian landscapes, you may find quite a lot of forests, snow and imposing mountain ranges. As popular as this scenery may be, it’s not the only type of beautiful landscape you can see in the country sometimes known as the Great White North. Besides these dramatic sights, many often forget about the numerous gorgeous beaches found along the Canadian coastline. Luckily for you, we’re here to remind you of this fact!

This week we’re presenting some of the best beaches that Atlantic Canada has to offer. Check them out here:

Prince Edward Island:

Thunder Cove Beach

We’re kicking off the list with an attraction that locals try to keep quiet about in an effort to avoid overcrowding. Located just outside of Kensington, Thunder Cove boasts generously warm waters during the hot summer months and a type of landscape that is different from what is found in other parts of the island, since it features red sandstone cliffs. The iconic Teacup Rock is the cherry on the top of this already inviting coast, offering a picturesque place where you can enjoy sea, sand and sun.

Basin Head Provincial Park, Souris

Nicknamed the “Singing Sands” beach of Basin Head Provincial Park, this sandy beach emits a peculiar sound whenever anyone walks on it. Though the exact reasons for this are still being researched, the long sandy beach has been well-maintained, offering a wide range of amenities, such as wash rooms, change rooms and playgrounds for children to enjoy. Those who like a pleasant, leasurely dip will certainly appreciate the fact that this beach is said to have some of the warmest waters north of Florida.

Brackley Beach

Situated a mere 20-minute drive away from the island capital of Charlottetown, Brackley Beach is mostly known for its long stretches of sand, and is able to accommodate numerous visitors without getting too crowded. The clear water, the powdery sand and the photogenic dunes only increase the beach’s popularity among locals and tourists alike.


Shallow Bay Beach

With a long stretch of sand and a gentle slope into the ocean which creates generous sections of shallow waters, this beach is highly appreciated by families with small children. Many proclaim that the sunsets here are to die for, but make sure you don’t wait until it gets fully dark, because Shallow Bay Beach tends to get taken over by large, hungry mosquitoes by then!

New Brunswick:

Kellys Beach

If you’re in search of an extremely long stretch of beach with golden sand, then look no further than Kellys Beach, located at the eastern edge of New Brunswick. A supervised beach with a handful of amenities to choose from, Kellys Beach features a long boardwalk, changing rooms, washrooms, showers, picnic areas and various eateries. We suggest you use a search engine and have a look for yourselves!

New River Beach Provincial Park

Not too far away from the Canadian-US border, New River Beach is ideal for anyone looking to camp by the shore and admire the spectacular sunsets. The long stretch of sand and the crystal-clear waters encourage people to try out a variety of activities, such as flying kites, kayaking, hiking the nature trails or simply enjoying some quality beach time.

Parlee Beach

Advertising itself as Canada’s warmest saltwater beach, Parlee is another favourite among campers, RVers and families with small children. Since it’s quite close to the amenities located in town, beachgoers can enjoy easy access to restaurants, bars and other amenities. During the summer season it tends to get quite busy, so if you’re not really into crowds, then this beach might not be a great fit for you.

Image: Zoran Stanojevic / Shutterstock.com

Nova Scotia:

Melmerby Beach

Part of the provincial park of the same name, Melmerby is a 2-kilometer sandy beach not too far away from New Glasgow. With clean waters which can reach temperatures of 22 degrees Celsius during the summer months, this beach boasts changing rooms, picnic tables, showers, toilets and plenty of parking spots. Although it is quite well known for its wild aspects, Melmerby Beach is supervised in July and August. Have a look on the ‘Net!

Ingonish Beach, Cape Breton Island

Part of the gorgeous Cape Breton Highlands National Park, this well-maintained beach is certainly a dramatic one, with a long, sandy shoreline complimented by rocky areas and trees. Highly popular with Nova Scotian locals, besides the usual beach options and amenities, Ingonish Beach also offers possibilities for fresh and salt water fishing.

Martinique Beach, East Petpeswick

Concluding our list is the gorgeous Martinique Beach of East Petpeswick, which is not only a beach, but a bird sanctuary as well. It is particularly appreciated by families looking to enjoy some barbecuing and picnicking, among the usual beach activities. Divers love this area, as do to surfers, who like to test out their skills on the excellent waves here. Here’s another one you can look up yourself!

We hope we managed to inspire you to check out some beautiful beaches next time you’re vacationing in Atlantic Canada. Did you include any of the ones we have presented here in your bucket list? Or have you already visited some of these fabulous places? We’re curious about your opinions – please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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