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Bedroom Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Bedroom Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid
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When putting your stamp on your home, the common advice is to focus first on areas like the kitchen, bathroom and living room. These are places your guests will see, and it’s here that you’ll spend more waking hours. As a result, the bedroom is often left until last, or no real effort is made at all. 

But, the bedroom can be the room that truly reflects your personality, a place for you to retreat to. It’s a room that demands balance at every turn, although all too often glaring mistakes are made during the design process. Here are 8 of the most common mistakes to avoid!

Oversized Bed

You may have big dreams, but you don’t necessarily need a big bed to dream them in. While king-sized sounds great, if your room is pauper-sized, it’s not ideal. An oversized bed will dominate the rest of the room and will often be utterly impractical.

Bold and Brash

While a well-designed bedroom reflects your personality, there are certain traits you may need to tone down when it comes to this palace of slumber. For example, if you love bold, bright colours, you may well be tempted to decorate your bedroom in these vibrant shades. However, on an unconscious level, this pattern might keep you up at night.

Lively, bold palettes are great for those energetic parts of the house, but in the bedroom, it’s often a better bet to go with something a little more soothing. Earthy tones, deep greens, browns and greys can work well, though blue is the shade of choice for most designers. Blue tones promote rest and relaxation. If you’d rather not go all blue, you could opt for a neutral palette with the occasional blue feature.

Unbalanced Furniture

If you have the luxury of space in your bedroom, it’s important to make use of it. One common mistake leaves bedrooms well out of whack in terms of balance, with everything in one area, while the rest of the room remains fairly stark. A typical error is keeping the bed and two bedside tables all against the same wall as the wardrobe.

This leaves an expanse of space that looks unnatural. Try to spread out your furniture; perhaps create a reading nook in an unused corner or add in seating or a storage trunk opposite the bed.

Bright Light

Letting the natural light flow in is always good, but you can have too much of a good thing. A strange, but fairly common bedroom mistake is to not dress the windows or dress them only lightly. This does nothing for your privacy in this most intimate of rooms and can also flood your room with sunlight and heat first thing in the morning, disturbing your precious slumber.

It’s good to make a feature out of your window accessories, while at the same time keeping them practical. Thick, heavy drapes paired with light netting promotes balance and looks fantastic.

Dimly Lit

At the other end of the spectrum, many bedrooms don’t use enough light. It’s good to have options when it comes to lighting your bedroom, and a dimmer switch is great for setting the mood you want. Reading lamps that can be adjusted and switched from the comfort of your bed add light where it’s most needed and provide a level of comfort.

Too Much Clutter!

Remember when your parents used to go on at you about cleaning your room? Turns out they had a good reason. The bedroom shouldn’t be a dumping ground, and a cluttered bedroom not only looks busy, but it doesn’t flow as well as it should. And it doesn’t do much for promoting peace either.

An excess of furniture, decor and personal effects can overwhelm the bedroom. Also, if you have a smaller bedroom, too much furniture will definitely feel oppressive and claustrophobic. So, declutter and select a few choice pieces that reflect your personality and mean something to you.

The Bedroom Suite

Haven’t I seen this room somewhere before? Many retailers sell complete bedroom suites, with matching furniture, mirrors and wardrobes. While convenient, they lack any kind of personality or soul. It’s well worth taking the time to source an assortment of bedroom furniture that coordinates rather than matches exactly.

An Influx of Pillows

Unless you’re planning on hosting a pillow fight, there’s very little reason to swamp your bed in pillows. They serve no practical purpose and make the space look cluttered. On top of that, the extra chore of removing them and replacing them twice a day is something you can surely do without.

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