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8 Decluttering Projects to Help Simplify Your Life

8 Decluttering Projects to Help Simplify Your Life
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Most people are guilty of hoarding to some extent, but by organizing your space and throwing out what you don’t need you can improve the flow of your home, create a calmer living space, and make your rooms seem more spacious. Rather than attempting to tackle everything in one day, try to break things down into more manageable chunks. In this way, you can do a little whenever you have time, keeping on top of the decluttering process without it wearing you down. Check out these eight decluttering projects that are guaranteed to help simplify your life.

Fight Closet Clutter

The wardrobe is a difficult area to start with and most of us are conflicted when it comes to choosing what to keep and what to get rid of. If the whole wardrobe is too much to tackle, split it into sections, perhaps a drawer at a time. Remove everything from the section you’re working on and go through it, splitting items into 3 categories – keep, donate and sell.

If you’re struggling to work out what to keep, try the clothes hanger trick. Hang everything in your wardrobe facing the same way. Every time you wear something, hang it back the opposite way. After a couple of months, you’ll see what you wear regularly and what’s been gathering dust!

Conquer Kitchen Chaos

The kitchen can also be divided into sections, which you can work on at your leisure. An overloaded fridge or freezer should be emptied and cleaned. Be ruthless with what goes back in, binning anything that has spoilt. Organize your fridge into well-defined sections so you can find what you need quickly and easily.

Go through your drawers and cupboards, again removing everything at once and binning whatever you don’t use anymore. Create smart storage solutions, such as magnetic knife strips, hooks for chopping boards, spice and herb racks and small shelves on the back of cupboard doors for tin foil, pan lids and anything else that might fit. Finally, clear your counters, removing any appliances you used once but never again – like blenders and juicers, maybe.

Beautify the Bathroom

Most bathrooms are full of half-used products that weren’t too well appreciated or didn’t smell good enough. Throw out anything that has been opened but hasn’t been touched for months. If you have any towels or mats that you don’t like to use, get rid of them as well! You’ll be surprised how much these little things can change the look of your bathroom, and maybe you’ll even decide to postpone the bathroom renovation you were thinking about.

Get creative with your storage solutions to free up space on the towel rack, such as over-door shelves or an under-sink cabinet. In the bath or shower, add hanging shelves for storing toiletries, thereby keeping them off the floor and the bathroom fixtures. A simple toothbrush hanger can be fixed to the wall or cabinet doors to free up space around the sink.

Keep the Hallways Free

If your hallway is bursting with piles of coats, scarves and shoes, it’s time to let go. Any old things that are no longer worn could be donated to charity. If you simply have a lot of people who need to hang up their coats and bags, add more storage, using hooks or well-placed coat hangers. Rather than scattering shoes at the front door, create a slimline shoe rack, or use under-the-stairs storage. Winter clothes can be stored in the attic over summer, even if you’ve already re-purposed your attic to benefit from the space.

Organize Your Tool Space

Wherever you keep your tools, be it the multi-purpose shed, garage or basement, it’s a great idea to have a good sort through and tidy up. Hang sturdy hooks that can be used to keep larger items out of the way, such as extension cords, power tools and garden utensils. Go through any odds and ends and tidy them into a screw box or jars – the latter can be hung up by screwing the lids to the bottom of shelves. If you want to take things to the next level, replace your numerous screwdrivers and spanners with tools with interchangeable or adjustable heads.

Create a Command Center

Most homes receive a lot of paperwork in the post. Create an area in which all mail and important paperwork can be stored, keeping the other surfaces in your home clutter-free. This could simply be a drawer in your office desk, or you could build a small command center into a nook or unused cabinet. This will offer more peace of mind than you think, as you’ll know that all important documents, deeds, and receipts can be found in one place and one place only.

Decluttering clears not only your home but also your mind, helping you become more positive and productive. It’s not always easy to let things go but try to remember that someone else might benefit from the things you no longer use! Be ruthless, but take your time, seeing it as a way of life or a recurrent task rather than one huge project.

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