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8 Amazing Things You Could Buy for the Price of One House in Vancouver

8 Amazing Things You Could Buy for the Price of One House in Vancouver
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The state of the real-estate market in the Greater Vancouver area has been shocking analysts and realtors for the better part of two years now. Prices are soaring to unprecedented heights, and are being kept there by record demand, as well as some arguably shady dealings and practices being employed by highly driven investors.

The locals are restless, so we’ve decided to try and lighten the mood with this refreshing infographic presenting eight stunning, fun purchases one could make instead of buying a single family detached home in Vancouver right now.

Vancouver prices infographic final


    • Space flight: for the first time in history, humans are able to organize commercial space flights, for the thrill alone. You could go to space and back six times for the price of one Vancouver home! Imagine the frequent flyer miles!


    • Trip around the world: we’ve selected the most affordable luxury wellness round-the-world trip we could find, a six months long adventure unlike any other. You could spend the next five years taking trips like this one after another for the cost of one Vancouver home!


  • Private helicopter: this is just the basic list price, to which many additional costs must be added (roughly $300/hour of flight). Still, for the cost of a Vancouver home, you wouldn’t have to land at all for six month at a time, if you could refuel and repair while in flight.



We looked at the Home Price Index of a single family detached home, as provided by the Real Estate Board of the Greater Vancouver Area. Multiple variables were taken into account when calculating this index. The information concerning the items or experiences proposed in our infographic has been collected off the internet from various sources, and is approximate.

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