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6 Tips to Maximize Space in Your Laundry Room

6 Tips to Maximize Space in Your Laundry Room
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Doing laundry isn’t the most exciting task in the world. Not to mention that in many homes, the laundry room is a cramped space, awkward to work in and best avoided! 

But don’t despair! You can totally transform even the smallest laundry room, creating a space that’s a joy to work in, and that looks great. Check out these 6 handy tips that will make your laundry room feel palatial rather than oppressive.

Add Shelves & Cabinets

Like most bathrooms, laundry rooms are rather stark; a bare room with the necessary appliances, an old laundry basket, and a few detergent bottles. You can make your space work much better for you by adding a few shelves and cabinets. The dead space on the walls above your appliances is an ideal place to start, as well as any extra space you have to the sides.

You can also fit a sturdy shelf directly above the top of your appliances, much like a kitchen counter. This is more secure than leaving things on top of the appliances themselves and allows you to keep things there without fear they’ll drop off. Be sure your shelves and cabinets don’t encroach on your working space and keep them in line with the appliances. They can be used to store cleaning products, towels, and separated laundry baskets.

Fit a Hanging Rod

While fitting your nice new cabinets and shelves, think about leaving space for a hanging rod. This can be used for things that need to be air dried, such as shirts and more delicate garments. It’s easy enough to leave a space between cabinets, or you can even fit it to the underside of a shelf. And the best thing is it takes up no extra space. What’s more, these additions will help you keep things organized and clutter-free. You might also consider hanging your ironing board on a free wall to keep it out the way.

Slide-Out Ironing Board & Drying Rack

Want to go one step beyond? Think ahead and consider installing a slide-out ironing board and drying rack. These take up almost no space when they’re not in use and are easy to pull out when needed. No more tripping over clothes racks or knocking down the ironing board every time you need to get something from the spare room!

Double Decker Appliances

You might find that your laundry room is more spacious than you thought. You just have to take a slightly different approach. Front-loading washers and dryers can be stacked, creating a huge space that can be used to fit new shelves or cabinets.

Take Things Up a Level

If you can’t stack your appliances, don’t despair! You can still earn some valuable space by taking things up a level by raising your appliances by a foot or so. Fit drawers underneath for storing laundry baskets, towels, cleaning products or anything else you can think of. Choose sturdy pedestal-style drawers that have the strength to support the weight of your machines without a problem.

Go Off-Centre

Are your appliances tucked away in a nook or cranny? You probably centred them to make them look a little more attractive, but you could be wasting valuable space! By moving them tight against one wall, you could create space to store at least the ironing board. You might even make enough space to fit a slim shelving unit, ideal for storing detergent.

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