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5 Holiday Decorating Styles that Are Sure to Impress

5 Holiday Decorating Styles that Are Sure to Impress
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With Christmas just around the corner, there’s still just enough time to create a stunning festive style that you can enjoy all winter long. Long gone are the days of endless streams of tinsel, enough lights to overload the circuit board and ornaments placed haphazardly around the house and yard.  

The holiday season is a time to make your house look even more stunning than usual, and transform it into your own winter haven, without going overboard. Check out these 5 decoration styles that are sure to impress your guests this season!

Less is More: The Minimalist

Many of us recall homes overloaded with decorations, lights and ornaments, with each house on the street seemingly competing to look the most dazzling. If that sounds like your idea of a nightmare before Christmas, the minimalist look is for you.

Hanging decorations are ideal for a minimalist look, with a few well-placed wreaths or baubles speaking volumes. Use exposed rafters, ceiling fans or curtain rods as places to hang stylish decorations from. As far as colours go, look for bold accent colours that work with your current colour scheme.

Use what you already have to avoid overfilling your home. Festive throws and pillows can transform your furniture into stylish holiday decorations. For a truly minimalist look, aim for one stand-out focal point, such as a colourful garland over the mantle, with some smaller ornaments dotted around available shelf and table space. A minimalist Scandinavian nativity set can look fantastic placed by the fire.

Christmas Ahoy! The Nautical Look

Whether you live by the coast or not, if you’re rocking a nautical look in your home, you might be finding it difficult to find a Christmas style to match. However, by using classic winter colours of ice blue and snow-white, you can maintain the maritime ambiance, while also keeping in season.

Transform an ordinary Christmas tree into one that’s been kissed by winter by flocking it with faux snow. Decorate with blue ornaments such as baubles and ice flakes, mixed in with seashells. Seashell decorations can be used around the home and look great hung on the wall and adorning shelves and tables. Finally, incorporate rope into your decorations; try a rope and compass wreath, or some simple fisherman’s knot, chunky rope tree decorations.

Keeping it Classy: White and Gold

If Christmas for you suggests sparkling wine and luxurious foods, a classy white and gold style might just fit your home perfectly. Using white as a base colour, add in gold highlights and soft lighting. Opt for a snowy white tree, adorned with simple gold baubles and stylish lighting, slowly fading in and out.

Your table may be the focal point of your home over the holidays, so go for a brilliant white cloth, with a wide ribbon of gold flowing down the centre. A simple centrepiece might include a gold candelabra and white flowers.

Away from the table, presents can make simple, yet stunning decorations as you lead up to the big day. Wrapped in textured white wrapping paper, banded with a thick golden ribbon and bow, these look great wherever you place them. Finally, white bowls filled with gold-dusted pine cones and nuts can liven up coffee tables and shelves.

I’m Dreaming of… A Traditional Christmas

The timeless combination of red and green brings all the natural festive elements together. Choose deep, pine forest greens, daubed with dabs of bright red as your main colour scheme. On the tree, classic red baubles, tinsel and other traditional decorations will always work well.

Other natural elements can also be excellent, with mistletoe and boughs of holly working well for wreaths—and also in their own right. Tied in bright red ribbons and bows, they look stunning hanging from the ceiling, or potted on the windowsill. Candles, stockings and nativity sets will never go out of style and can be placed wherever you have space for them! On surfaces, place bowls of natural walnuts in their shells, pine cones and slices of dried fruits. And if your home has an amazing fireplace, the traditional look is complete.

Back to Basics: A Rustic Style

Bring the outside in with a stunning tree, but don’t stop there! Birch branches can be used to great effect, for creating rustic candle holders or simply piled in logs by the fire. Pine cones, nuts and pine branches can also work well around the home, for example as simple tree decorations.

Seek out natural light sources from candles or the fireplace if you have one. If you can find old-fashioned lantern holders, these are great for candles and other rustic decorations such as snow globes, and can be hung around the home.

Look for heavy-textured, dyed throws and pillow covers to transform your furniture, choosing festive colours or whatever matches your home. These heavy materials are also great for stockings to hang on the mantle. As a final touch, a wooden sleigh on the porch makes a stunning first impression.

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