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3 Ways to Warm Up Your Curb Appeal This Season

3 Ways to Warm Up Your Curb Appeal This Season
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With darkness creeping in and the temperatures dropping, you could be tempted to retreat indoors and forget about your outdoor spaces for a few months. However, the cold season can be a fantastic time to update your curb appeal, marking your home out as one of the warmest in the neighbourhood. Not only does this improve the vibes where you live, but it’s a must if you’re looking to sell during this season.  

While spring is considered the start of the prime buying season, the year’s final months see a fair number of potential purchasers too – serious buyers tend to want to get their hands on a great home before the year is out. With a few small updates, you can warm up your property’s curb appeal and spark the imaginations of potential buyers all season long.

Clutter-Free & Fresh

If you’re hoping to sell your home, keeping your yard clean and clutter-free is a must no matter the season. Sweep and rake up those fallen leaves, clear out the gutters and be sure all your outside areas are in top shape. This shows potential buyers that the home they’re interested in is well looked-after and it takes their mind of the potential outdoor chores that come with the house.

With the clutter cleared away you can work on freshening up the look of your home’s exterior. A lick of paint can transform a front door, making it even more inviting. While you’ve got the paint out, why not brighten up other elements, like your drain pipes, gutters, lamps and window sills. Added splashes of colour are eye-catching and give your home a fresh new look. You could even paint your fence if it’s looking a little shabby.

Mood Lighting & Decoration

Don’t despair when the daylight hours shorten and the dark evenings creep in – use this to your advantage. With clever outdoor lighting solutions, you can boost your yard’s seasonal ambiance, ensuring it looks appealing day and night. To start, try running solar-powered lamps along paths or driveways, or hanging lanterns on the porch. And if you have a wood deck, you can definitely use it to make your home look friendly and inviting.

For electric outdoor lights, swap the boring old bulbs out for realistic fire effect LED lamps that glow and shimmer. Additionally, rope lighting can be used to highlight trees and bushes. Besides lighting, you can easily boost your curb appeal by adding some simple but charming decorations.

Landscaping & Hardscaping

Late autumn may not seem like the ideal time to undertake a large landscaping project, and quite frankly, it’s not! However, there are a few smaller touches and alterations you can make to your outdoor areas to warm up your curb appeal, like building a great backyard fire pit.

Keep a burst or two of natural colours on your porch or verandah by using planters, hanging baskets or window boxes. Fill these with bright and colourful hardy plants that can withstand lower temperatures and less sunlight. Add vines to create a cascading effect and position strategically by the front door. A hanging basket near the doorbell cannot fail to grab the attention of visitors and potential buyers.

Autumn is also a good season for making a few hardscaping changes. One quick and easy job that can transform a bland slab of tarmac is to line your drives and pathways. You can use rocks or bricks to form a hard border that looks stunning. Adding tasteful sculptures and ornaments such as a stone bird bath can also enhance your yard.

So many homes and yards begin to look a little shabby as autumn sets in, but it’s easy to avoid this problem. Keep them clean, fresh and tastefully decorated to ensure they catch the eyes of passersby and potential buyers alike. Keeping on top of this also means there’s less work to do next spring!

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