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3 Toronto Suburbs Where Real Estate is Worth Looking Into

3 Toronto Suburbs Where Real Estate is Worth Looking Into
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Concerning the Toronto real estate market, you will be aware of the fact that Canada’s largest city is as diverse as it is important, and so its neighbourhoods offer quite a variety of living conditions. Some are highly sought-after locations occupied by high-salaried residents with expensive properties. Others, on the other hand, have more reasonably priced listings, sufficient access to necessary amenities, and maybe a more tight-knit community atmosphere. We’re here to give you a taste of each, so you can know what to expect if you’re thinking of relocating to the suburbs of The Queen City.

Below you’ll find 3 awesome Toronto suburbs boasting interesting real estate options:

#1 York Mills, Toronto

First up we have the York Mills suburb, part of the North York district, situated in the northern part of Toronto. It comprises two main thoroughfares (Yonge Street and York Mills Road), offering easy access to other parts of the city. Residents here often feel quite dependent on their cars and very often prefer to use the nearby Highway 401 instead of taking public transportation.

One of the most distinct features of this area is the meticulous landscaping and the perfect mixture of green public spaces combined with family homes and apartment houses. York Mills is mostly inhabited by families with children, and therefore boasts a rather typical suburban vibe throughout. More than half of the properties are single-family homes, often with spacious front lawns. Since the area is highly in-demand, real estate prices can be quite costly.

#2 Rexdale, Toronto

Next on our list is Rexdale, a suburb in the north-western part of The Queen City located between two major roads: Highway 401 and Highway 427. Its proximity to Toronto Pearson International Airport is quite advantageous, as is its nearness to both the lush, green parkland along the banks of the Humber River and the lovely Claireville Conservation Area. As in the previous suburb, residents of Rexdale also often prefer to get around by car instead of using public transportation.

Properties in this part of the city are split between multi-level blocks of flats and family homes with 1-2 storeys. Due to its distance from central Toronto, acquiring a home here tends to be easier on the wallet than in York Mills. Since Rexdale is actually made up of 5 different neighbourhoods, it boasts a myriad of amenities, including schools, shopping malls, parks, restaurants, bus stops and train stations.

#3 Long Branch, Toronto

Concluding our list is the varied Long Branch suburb, located at the south-western periphery of the city by the banks of Lake Ontario. Though most of the lakeshore is privately owned, you can still enjoy some quality R&R at either Long Branch Park or Marie Curtis Park. You can quickly drive to the heart of the city via Lake Shore Boulevard, but there are also buses and two streetcar lines that can take you downtown.

Prominently a residential area, Long Branch is mostly made up of detached family homes and a few small, locally-owned businesses. It combines the best of the previous two suburbs, since it features properties of all types of price ranges, from affordable condo units to lavish, expensive homes. Besides the family-owned eateries, cafes and other business ventures, there are also a handful of larger businesses functioning in this part of Toronto.

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Whether you’re looking for an exclusive family-oriented suburb with some pricey real estate or a more vibrant area with more affordable properties, Toronto has it all. Now it’s your turn—do you have any favourite suburbs in The Queen City? And which of the suburbs we have presented here do you think would most suitable for you? Don’t hesitate to share your views in the comments section below!

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