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10 More Jaw-Dropping Home Designs from Around the World

10 More Jaw-Dropping Home Designs from Around the World
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A few weeks back, we published a piece showcasing residential architecture at its best. And since we received such positive feedback from everyone, we put together a new group of properties that prove just how outstanding home design can be.

Whether it’s coming up with clever ways to utilize space, boasting a particular color palette or drawing inspiration from art or nature, these amazing homes are something you’ve just got to see!

1.      Shape-Shifting Home in Iran

The unique design of this home in Tehran isn’t just for show. The three rotating rooms actually serve an important purpose as well! The rooms rotate 90 degrees on turntables so they can be opened in summer and closed in winter, helping keep the home warm or cool depending on the season. The rooms act as separate but interconnected pods, with a breakfast room on the first floor, a guest room on the second floor and a home office on the third floor.


2.      Black House in Argentina

With a striking black façade and a few small windows, this home promises plenty of privacy. It also features a black driveway bordered by tall grass and a building block-style shape. The house is divided into two volumes that are connected by a glass bridge, with the volume closest to the street housing the kitchen and dining areas and the other volume housing the living spaces. A shallow interior courtyard pool can be found beneath the glass bridge, and the home’s interior boasts a stunning minimalist aesthetic.


3.      Charles House in Australia

Several house-shaped blocks make up this home, which is perfect for multi-generational living situations. Each block is covered in a different pattern of dark slate shingles with wood accents. The slate-shingled exteriors were inspired by historic homes in the area, which frequently feature slate roofs. The home’s living spaces are designed to be convertible depending on the size and make-up of the family living there, meaning multiple generations can comfortably share the space.


4.      4 LCC Houses in Mexico

This set of two towers containing two homes each was designed to look as though the buildings are floating off of the ground. This was achieved by including four metal columns as part of the structural design for each tower. The ground level below the buildings is left open and this, coupled with the towers being built on top of a steep hill, provides dramatic height to the structures. Large groupings of windows provide plenty of natural light and great views.


5.      Slot House in England

This remodel of an existing period home made great use of the narrow footprint to create a space that is well-suited to modern family living. A large glass infill extension spans 10 m in height and provides room for a dining area at the basement level and a master ensuite on the first floor. The remodeling allowed for extra room both upwards and outwards. The basement’s polished concrete floor stretches out to the garden, which provides extra living and entertaining space.


6.      Holman House in Australia

Inspired by Picasso’s painting The Bather, this magnificent home sits atop a 70 m high cliff overlooking the ocean. The home’s kitchen and living room are suspended above the water in a curved portion of the house, and this shape can be found inside as well, with features like curved countertops and walls. The home is bright and airy thanks to numerous large windows and a light but warm color palette.


7.      Sonora House in Mexico

This unique home blends desert living with a playful and colorful design. The windows are different shapes and sizes and are placed in various spots, creating an interesting exterior and allowing for lots of natural light throughout the home. The bright yellow and pink palette outside pops against the muted desert sand, and the many different cacti dotting the landscape play up the home’s whimsical vibe.


8.      Eden House in Iran

What makes this six-story residential building look so unique is also what makes it so appealing to those who want their own private outdoor space. Each unit has its own outdoor terrace that connects the interior to the exterior. Flexible wooden panels built into the building’s façade allow residents to change how much privacy they have from the outdoor terrace, showcasing a functional and beautiful design.


9.      Cloud House in Australia

This fantastic home is perfect for those who’ve always dreamed about living amongst the clouds. While the more normal-looking street-facing side of this home is lovely, there is definitely a surprise waiting on the other side. An addition to the house has been designed to look like a big fluffy cloud, complete with amazing curves in the ceiling and large windows that allow light and breeze to flow through. The cloud structure is covered in silver material on the exterior and wooden slats on the interior.


10. Skygarden House in Canada

Making excellent use of space, this home in Toronto has rooms that expand beyond the house’s interior into several outdoor areas. This helps residents feel connected to nature while also offering additional living space. Many large windows are used throughout the home, allowing trees and garden areas to be viewed easily from inside. What’s more, the master suite has a wonderful private outdoor room that gives the home its name.

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