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  • What is Point2 Homes?
  • Point2 Homes is an online real estate marketplace that helps you find the right home or real estate investment. But we’re trying to go further than this by making your experience efficient. You may search using your personal criteria, such as location, price, size, listing date, agent name, or different keywords. You may save your searches, and receive by email new listings matching your search criteria.

    And this doesn’t stop here: you can check out information on neighborhoods and contact an agent of your choice from our list of real estate professionals who serve the area.

  • Do I have to pay to use Point2 Homes’s property search tools?
  • You can use all features of Point2 Homes’s property search tool free of charge.

  • Where do the listings on Point2 Homes come from?
  • The listings come from brokers, agents, MLSes (Multiple Listing Services) and are updated daily.

  • Home buyers and home sellers

  • How can I be notified if there are new listings?
  • Once you create an account with us you can be sure we’ll be monitoring for you all the new listings that match your criteria. Once we have them, we’ll send you an email notification right away so that you can keep your searches up to date.

    When you click on Save this search you will be prompted to enter an email address where we will send you notifications of new listings matching your search criteria.

  • I found a property I’m interested in. What do I do next?
  • Since we do not provide brokerage services, we encourage you to contact the featured agent for that property. You can find the contact information in the right side of the property description.

  • Can I buy a home on Point2 Homes?
  • We are not a brokerage company, so you cannot buy a home through our website. However, once you found one or more properties that interest you and you’re all set to take the next step, we encourage you to contact the featured agent for each property. You can also browse our agent directory and find a suitable broker to represent you.

  • How do I save the listings or properties I’m interested in?
  • You can save any listing by clicking the Favorite button next to the property. You will be asked to login. Once you log in, you can review all your saved listings.

  • Does the map display all the searched listings?
  • In order to provide you with a clear, uncluttered visualization of your listings, the map displays only the properties appearing on the current page of your searches. Once you click on another page to see the next listings resulting from your searches, the map will automatically update.

  • Can I find demographics info on an area of interest?
  • All you need to know about a particular neighborhood comes in the form of demographics stats which you can easily check out under the Neighborhood tab. When clicking on the Neighborhood tab, you will be automatically directed to the region where you conducted your previous search. If you want to select another region, click on one of the options on the left-hand column.

  • Where can I go to see my saved listings/ properties?
  • You can find this information stored in My Account.

    Also, when you click Save this search and enter your email address, you will receive your saved list and updates with new listings. When you create an account, we start saving your listings so that you can review and compare them at any later time.

    Another advantage of becoming a registered member is that you can get updates with new listings that match your searches.

  • I already know the address or the #MLS of a property I’m interested in. How can I find more information on it on Point2 Homes?
  • Enter the address of the property on the Home page. You’ll be taken directly to the property you want where you will find typical listing information on the property such as size, price, listing date, listing agent information and listing location map. In addition, you can find the Walk Score® of the property address, neighborhood map, price history, HOA fees, tax information and mortgage rate comparisons.

  • Agents and Brokers

  • Why should I advertise on Point2 Homes?
  • Point2 Homes is on the fast track to becoming Canada's favorite property search portal for home buyers. Steadily gaining more popularity, it is now one of the most attractive places for real estate professionals to advertise their listings and services.

    Point2 Homes traffic is constantly breaking one traffic record after another, reaching over 4.25 million monthly visits in August 2017.

    With Featured Advertising on Point2 Homes, you are leveraging this massive traffic growth to your advantage. You can get thousands of motivated buyers and sellers to see your listings first. Getting more leads has never been easier!

  • What are Featured Ads?
  • Featured Listing Ads are a new, simple, and efficient advertising option on Point2 Homes that is now available for non-Point2 members.

    Your listings will get priority placement on the portal, they will show up higher in searches and will be highlighted to attract more views.

    As a bonus, Featured Listings are tagged as HOT listings and get more info in search previews, helping your services stand out.

    With Featured Listing Ads you can boost the visibility of your listings and make them show up higher on search pages and stand out in front of all other non-featured listings.

    You get top notch exposure and up to 4X more leads!

  • How do I advertise on Point2 Homes?
  • Go to and search for your listing.

    On your listing details page, right above your contact information, you will find the Feature this listing button.

    Create your free professional account and complete your purchase. And you’re all set!

  • My listings are not on Point2 Homes. How can I add them?
  • If your listings are not already on Point2 Homes, there are two ways you can add them manually with a Point2 Agent subscription or contact our Customer Care team to find out about feed import options from your MLS®.

  • How much does a Featured Listing Ad cost?
  • One Featured Listing Ad costs $49.99 for one month.

    Auto-renewal is also available if you want to advertise your listing for longer than one month.

  • Where can I see my Featured Ads?
  • Once featured, your listing will be showcased in different sections across the website:

    The Ads gallery hot spot display:

    Your listing will be rotated alongside other Featured Listings in the hot spot carousel above all search results. If there are more Featured Listings for your area, your listing will be randomly rotated to give a fair chance to everyone.

    Your Featured Listing Ad will show up in both neighborhood and city level searches.

    Priority placement in search results:

    Your Featured Listing Ad will show up among the first results on local search pages, so motivated prospects can see your properties first!

    Priority placement in the nearby listings section:

    Every listing detail page may contain a See more nearby listings section below the property description. With Featured Listing Ads, your listings will get priority placement in this section, giving you even more views!

    Preferred placement in newsletters:

    Over 400,000 prospects visit Point2 Homes every month via the Saved Search emails that notify them about new listings in their area of interest.

    Featured Listing Ads get a preferred placement in these newsletters, giving you more exposure in front of the most engaged visitors.

  • What are the benefits of Featured Ads?
  • Featured Ads are a great way to boost your exposure and get your listing seen by a lot more prospects compared to non-featured listings.

    All Featured Listings get preferred placement in highly visible sections across, getting more views from prospects searching for a home in that area.

    You will get better quality leads when your listing is showcased in front of motivated prospects that are actively searching for homes in that area.

  • Do I need a Point2 membership to have Feature Listings Ads?
  • Point2 Homes and Point2 Agent are sister websites, working for the same goal, but offering different benefits to their users.

    The new Point2 Homes’ Featured Ads give you an easy and fast method to buy advertising directly from your Point2 Homes account, without any subscription.

    However, if you need a complete toolkit for online marketing and lead generation, the Professional and Elite memberships available with Point2 Agent also include Free Featured Ads.

    Click here to find out more about Point2’s complete online marketing solutions.

  • Why do I need a Point2 Homes account?
  • Setting up a free Point2 Homes account as a real estate professional will allow you to keep track of all listings that you have featured.

    Also, from your Point2 Homes account you get to see how many views and clicks you get for each of your Featured Listings Ads, along with the locations where they showed up.

  • How can I get Featured Agent Ads?
  • If you want to feature your profile on Point2 Homes, you will need a Point2 Agent subscription. Only Point2 Agent members can benefit from the Featured Agent Ads.