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Did you know that over 90% of buyers shop for homes online? The traffic to online real estate marketplaces is skyrocketing, and it's more important that ever to advertise your property on as many sites as possible. The Point2 listing syndication network is one of the largest in the industry, and Point2 agents know how to get your property noticed!

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Thousands of real estate agents from around the world rely on Point2 to market listings for sale, just like yours. Our products and services allow them to connect with other real estate agents and prospective buyers in your area. In today's competitive marketplace, having a technological edge will dramatically improve your chances of selling your property for the maximum price in the minimal amount of time - that's the power of Point2.

Why Hire a Point2 Real Estate Agent?

  1. It takes a full time Agent to really "know" the marketplace. The biggest mistake sellers make is that they don't ask the right questions to determine if the agent is the right choice to market and sell their property. The best interview questions to ask potential agents include:
    • What type of online marketing strategy will you use to maximize the web exposure of my property?
    • Do you offer a Premium Marketing Plan for maximum exposure to prospective buyers?
    • What types of real time updates do you offer to keep us informed of the current market status of our property?

  2. It is critically important that the agent you hire be fully informed about your needs and then your wants. A top agent will perform a thorough information checklist to help their clients get the best housing, geographical and financial insights available. This will help to identify what the current market will bear and what the approximate closing costs will be.

  3. A top agent has a network of professionals to ensure you will enter the marketplace in the best manner. Referrals include mortgage professionals to help determine your best financing options.

  4. A top agent will help you get ready for the marketplace with professional recommendations for "must-do's and could do's" for your property before putting it on the market for inspection by buyers. Agents that have earned a "staging" certification or work with professional staging companies sell their properties quicker and for more money.

  5. A smart Agent will help you with suggestions that will help you maximize your improvements with painting, new carpeting and landscaping, etc. A smart agent will help you to determine what you need to make your property competitive with similar type properties for a successful sale and shorter marketing period.

  6. Choose a full service, fully "connected" agent if you want the top services to avoid having your property sit too long in the marketplace. A top agent has the tools and the schedule of communication to continually inform you of market changes as new properties enter the market or are placed under contract.

  7. Inquire as to what special marketing options you can expect from your agent. These special options are usually part of a premium marketing plan and should be reviewed when you are seeking a full marketing spectrum of services, resources and tools to get your property sold fast and for more money!

Did you know that Point2 was established in 1996, providing software solutions for the heavy equipment industry?

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