General Information

How many new themes are available to me? We have added over 50 new themes to the lineup for the new Agent Sites. How do I select one of the new themes?
  • From your Online Office, click Edit below your Agent Site
  • From the Customize Design menu, select Themes
  • Choose the color scheme option you would like in the upper right-hand corner of the thumbnail of a new theme and click OK
You will be notified that your new theme uses Drop Down Menus and will be brought to a page where you can reorder your pages.
Do I have to make any changes once I've selected a new theme? Yes. The new themes are all built using drop-down menu functionality. Once you have selected your new theme, a notification will appear explaining that your new theme uses drop down menus. You will then be brought to the Manage Drop Down Menus page.

From here, you can drag and drop the pages into categories to form your drop down menus.

Also, the old themes had three columns, whereas most of the new themes only have two. Some of your content may be shuffled to fit into two columns, so you will want to verify that your content is all laid out how you would like.
How do the drop down menus work? If you only put one page into a top-level category, the Page Name will be the Category Title. If you drag more than one page into a category, you will be asked to give the category a Title.

Once you have completed your changes, simply click Save. You can go back and change the order of your menus at any time by selecting Manage Drop Down Menus from the Website Editing Tools menu.
There are not enough slots for categories for drop down menus, I need more. The new themes have been designed to scale and to look well no matter the browser or screen resolution. While there is only room for four to six top-level categories, you can have as many pages in a category as you would like. If I select a new theme, will I lose any of my content? No. Your content will all stay the same, only the look and feel of your website will be different. I don't like the new theme I've selected - can I go back? Absolutely! To roll back to your previous theme, choose Theme History from the Customize Design menu. What if I want my home page to look different from the rest of my pages? You're in luck! The new themes are equipped with "splash page" functionality, which showcases your contact information, a graphic, and a small section for written content. You can add a splash home page by following these steps:
  • While in Edit mode, click Add New Page
  • Enter the Page Name and select Splash Page as the Page Type
  • Click OK to save your changes
Note that you can only have one page designated as a splash page type.
Will picking a new theme affect my SEO? While we do our best to optimize each theme, we can't guarantee placement in the search engines. Remember that the key to good SEO is to update your website regularly with fresh, relevant content and avoid any "black hat" SEO techniques. Are the themes mobile-friendly? As of March 19th, 2013, we have 35 mobile-friendly themes and are working diligently to make the remaining themes mobile-friendly. There is no extra cost to use these themes, simply select the one you want, and customize it as you would any of our Agent Site themes.

All of the theme that are mobile-friendly are marked with a green sash. For example:

Mobile Friendly Theme