General Information

What is MLS® Certified? MLS® Certified is a symbol of authority, quality and trust for real estate listings. A Point2 initiative, the symbol signifies that the listing originates from the local MLS®, the ultimate authoritative source for real estate listings. Why the initiative and why now? Point2 has played a key role in the automation of posting real estate listings across the web, which has resolved serious issues in data accuracy and integrity compared to manual posting. The MLS® Certified program aims to address a proportionally small percentage of listings that still appear to lack accuracy and integrity compared to MLS® listings. Where is MLS® Certified™ offered? MLS® Certified™ is only offered to listing syndication clients in the United States. How does Point2 provide the MLS® listing to the internet portals? Point2 has executed syndication agreements with over 250 real estate organizations in the United States that provide direct feed technology integrations that send updated listings from the MLS® to Point2's portal partners at least once every 24 hours. How do you know that an MLS® Certified listing displayed on a third party site is not obsolete? Some sites are not always fast at updating their listings. The agreements signed between each portal partner and Point2 provides for publishing audits to be performed at least once every five days. If the information published is not current, the data feed will be turned off until we are assured that the information will be updated at least once every 24 hours. Have all your MLS® partners approved your use of MLS® Certified for their listings? All of our MLS® and Association partners are keen on seeing their listings be the primary reference listings for consumers online. MLS® Certified is an initiative by Point2 to communicate to consumers that the source of the listing they are looking at is an MLS®. This gives consumers confidence. Will you be using MLS® Certified in Canada as well, as MLS® here is a CREA Trademark? At the present time, this initiative is only for US listings. When will you start to publish MLS® Certified along with your listings? Effective May 1, 2011, all Point2 feeds have included the symbol. A number of our partners have already surfaced the new listings featuring MLS® Certified. Can anyone else who syndicates or posts listings use the symbol? No, Point2 has trademarked both term and the symbol. The symbol can only be used under license or legal written agreement from Point2. The MLS® Certified Logo is available for download here.