Listing Syndication from Your Board/Association

Your Board has partnered with Point2 to provide the very best in listing advertising with Point2 Listing Syndication. Please browse this page to learn how this partnership will help you.

What is it?

Courtesy of your Board, your listings can be automatically syndicated and advertised on over 25 websites for free.

What do I get?

Every member of your Board/Association can gain access to a free Syndication Dashboard. The traffic and leads generated from listing syndication will be sent right back to you, free of charge.

About the Syndication Dashboard

Every member of your association may receive their very own Syndication Dashboard. Your Syndication Dashboard is the control panel for managing your own syndication preferences.

Syndication Dashboard Screenshot
Your listings are automatically syndicated to all the syndication partners once your Syndication Dashboard is enabled by your Board/Association.

You retain complete control over where your listings are advertised. Your Syndication Dashboard is where you go to manage the partners and turn off any specific partner sites you'd rather not advertise on. You can access your Syndication Dashboard at any time to make changes to your preferences.

Statistics and prospects generated by your listings are sent to you via email, but you may also login to view them.

Why Use Listing Syndication from Point2?

Point2 has one of the largest listing syndication networks in North America, advertising listings across over 25 public listing search sites like Kijiji,,, Point2 Homes and more.

Canadian Syndication Partners
You get complete control over where your listings are advertised.

You get free listing advertising and exposure for all of your listings, courtesy of your Board/Association. You receive a Syndication Dashboard to manage all of your syndication preferences. You keep all the statistics and prospects that your listings generate from syndication. And you get it all for free.

Additional Point2 Products

Your Syndication Dashboard also includes a link to Point2 Agent. If you already use a Point2 Agent website, you can use this button to link your Syndication Dashboard to your existing Point2 Agent site.

Learn more about Point2 Agent.

If you don't yet have a Point2 Agent website, you can use this link to create a site and immediately start using all the advanced web marketing tools.

Your first 7-Days of Point2 Agent Professional are free! For more information please call the Sales Team at 1-888-277-9779.

"Syndication is one of the best real estate tools out there that you could provide to your membership." - Amanda Tester, Executive Officer Cooperative Arkansas REALTORS® MLS®
"Point2 understands our Association's unique needs and works with us to become a true partner. When it comes to special events or association initiatives, Point2 is always here to help. Our members trust Point2 to provide the services and support they require, and we do, too!" - Jason Yochim, Executive Officer Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®
"We are pleased with Point2's exceptional work ethic and customer service. It has been a major benefit to our members." - Kimberly Cox Ozark Gateway Association of REALTORS®
"Your long term support has proven helpful and efficient, indicating an expectation of a long-termed business relationship." - Diane Smith, Executive Officer High Desert Association of REALTORS®
Not on the list? Please contact the Point2 Customer Care Team at 866-977-1777 or via email at [email protected]