Point2 Listing Syndication Policy

Point2 provides certain real estate listing information that originates from members of the Point2 Real Estate Network (the "Information") to other entities ("Recipient"). The following is the usage policy that Point2 has set out for Information.

  1. Each real estate listing (derived from Information) displayed by Recipient will:

    1. Provide a link back to the same listing on the applicable real estate professional's website;

    2. Show the listing agent's or broker's branding and contact information including, but not limited to, their photo, name, a "non-scrapable" email link, phone number and a link to their Point2 Agent website;

    3. Not display the email address of the listing agent or broker; and

    4. Be used as the preference over a "scraped" instance of the same listing.

  2. Recipient will not capture prospects or leads from the display of specific real estate listings derived from Information and sell them back to members of the Point2 Real Estate Network or divert any such captured prospects and leads to third parties.

  3. Recipient will first use the MLS® number and second the Address of specific real estate listings as unique identifiers for said listings.

  4. Recipient will not scrape any websites supplied or powered by Point2 where that website provides Information to Recipient.

  5. Recipient will end the display of a specific real estate listing when that listing is no longer included in the feed of Information from Point2 to Recipient.

  6. Distribution of the Information by Recipient to third-party websites or other mediums is allowed where the third-party use of this Information conforms to this Policy and Point2 approves such distribution in advance in writing. However, Recipient shall not distribute to third-party websites where Point2 is distributing said Information and at any time Point2 may withdraw its approval of such distribution with 60 days notice to Recipient.

  7. Recipient shall provide the names of their "bots" to Point2 and said bots shall conform to "robots.txt"