The Point2 Vision

At Point2 we create technologies that help those in the real estate industry enjoy success, regardless of their technological expertise. We have built our business by listening to and understanding our customers' businesses and their needs. Our team's visionary innovation allows us to embrace every opportunity to exceed our customers' expectations. Our mission is to succeed because our clients succeed.

Our Culture

Writing about what it's like to work for a company is a bit strange. So we went around the office and asked people to sum up Point2 in one word. The results? 'Fun' 'Engaging' 'Innovative' 'Challenging' 'Fluid' 'Stimulating' 'Empowering' 'Diverse' and 'Delicious' (?). If these sound like the kind of adjectives that get you excited about work, then you will probably fit in well around these parts. The bottom line is that at Point2 we pride ourselves on working hard and coming up with innovative solutions... but only if we can have a blast doing it.

Our History

Like any company that has been around for over a decade, Point2 has a proud history full of memorable milestones and accomplishments. Check out our company timeline below for a peek into our past, as well as a glance at some of the great things we have built together along the way.
"Point2 is a great place to work. I am challenged daily by new things, which allows me to grow and develop new skills." - Kelbey Woytowich Point2 Technical Analyst
"Working at Point2 has expanded my opportunities for the future. I've grown tremendously as a professional by working with such a talented and diverse team. Each day brings new challenges." - Jay Pepper-Martens Point2 Team Leader
"Our Customer Care Team is just that, a team. We always work together to answer our clients questions as quickly and accurately as we can. " - Jessica Kettner Point2 Customer Care Representative
"The team dynamics and agile processes really make working here enjoyable. My team has helped me grow my skills and made me better at my job which is very rewarding." - Cory Jacobsen Point2 Software Developer
"Working at Point2 is absolutely fantastic. We've got great employees, and a great working environment. The entire company is awesome, really." - Dylan Cline Point2 Customer Care Representative
"Point2 is a challenge, a place to push yourself to see what you can achieve if you just try. Point2 is a place where your co-workers are also your friends. Point2 isn't just a place to work, it's a place to learn, grow, and high-five." - Jessica Tremblay Point2 Administrative Assistant