Listing Syndication for Developers

Point2 Agent is the complete real estate marketing solution that provides agents and brokers with industry-leading real estate websites as well as real estate listing syndication. Point2's syndication program completely automates the process of entering, formatting and submitting asset listings for our customers. When agents enter listings into the Point2 Agent system, they are converted to multiple formats and fed to several major listings marketplaces.

Point2 provides one of the largest syndication networks in real estate and is always looking for great destinations to send large numbers of listings to on its members` behalf. Point2 is dedicated to providing its member`s listings maximum exposure, as such, has partnered with over 50 listing marketplaces. A few of our current syndication partners include Oodle, Frontdoor, Cyberhomes and Homefinder.

Are you interested in adding your company to Point2's growing syndication network? Do you have the capability to accept and display a structured data feed of Point2 aggregated listing data? If you answered yes to these questions, your company may become Point2's newest syndication partner.

Four Key Integration Points

Point2 believes in providing full transparency into the advertising of our members' listing assets. In this regard we provide a number of key stat points pertaining to this advertising directly back to our members, establishing and reinforcing the value of our syndication partnerships.

As a means of illustrating the value of our Point2 syndication partners we ask that the following four integration points be included with each syndication implementation. These integration points are:

  1. Detail View Instrumentation
    The platform data feed includes a tag for each listing. This enables stat points from your website to flow into each Point2 members' Online Office as Detailed Views. In turn this provides the Point2 user with details about the visibility that their listing is receiving on the partner site and the value of the syndication relationship to them.

  2. Click-through Link Instrumentation
    Each listing has a unique URL that tracks clicks-throughs from the originating partner and listing. After a visitor to the partner site clicks-through to the Point2 member`s website, the visitor becomes a lead within their Online Office. This lead is then attributed back to partner, again providing the user with insight regarding the value of their relationship with the partner.

  3. Email Lead Generation
    The primary focus of syndication is to increase exposure and generate additional leads. Point2 has created an Online Office to act as a tool to incubate these leads. It is extremely important that those leads flow back into the Online Office for the Point2 member to manage. For this reason, we ask that all email links resolve to an email form that your server will use to formulate a message back to the Point2 member.

  4. Publishing Reports
    The publishing report is used to identify which listings were successfully imported and published within your system. It also includes a location where the Point2 member can view their listing on your website. All of this information is available to the Point2 member directly through their Online Office.

Request Developer Access

To request developer access, email us at: [email protected]

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"I closed 5 deals in May, every one of them was a Point2 lead, attributed to Syndication." - Jordan Epstein Epstein Real Estate
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