With the school year in full swing and summer a distant memory, the start of fall conjures up images of tawny leaves, pumpkins on …


Your real estate agent website is one of your most powerful marketing tools. Are you using it to your full advantage? Your Point2 Agent …

How to Use Domains for Lead TrackingHow to Use Domains for Lead Tracking

how to use domains for lead tracking

Today we have a fun online marketing tip for all the agents and brokers with websites out there. (Hopefully, that means you!) We’re going …

5 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads for Real Estate5 Tips for Creating Facebook Ads for Real Estate


Do you create Facebook ads to promote your brand, your listings and your real estate services? With Facebook pages continuing to see a decrease …

Top Actions to List More & Sell FAST!Top Actions to List More & Sell FAST!

Are you ready to rock your listing production for 2014? Superstars Sam Miller and Marsha Sell shared their top tips that have put them in …

It’s the Internet: Do You Know Where Your Listing Is?It’s the Internet: Do You Know Where Your Listing Is?

Where Are Your Listings?

With the sharing and exchange of so much listing data online today, agents know that exposure for their listings is normally a great asset …

Low Cost Methods for Strengthening Your Brand – Pt 1Low Cost Methods for Strengthening Your Brand – Pt 1

strengthening your brand

Develop effective marketing techniques to strengthening your brand without breaking the bank. We’ve seen the billboards. “I’m Jane Doe and I’d love to be …

Writing Real Estate Slogans: Why, When and HowWriting Real Estate Slogans: Why, When and How

real estate slogan

Do you have a slogan for your real estate business? If not, why not? Real estate slogans are a fun, easy way to make …

Tips & Tricks: Point2 Agent HandshakeTips & Tricks: Point2 Agent Handshake

Point2 Agent Handshake

Today we’re going to highlight one of Point2 Agent’s most misunderstood features: Handshake. Handshake is exclusive to Point2 and allows you to increase the …

Real Assistance, Real ResultsReal Assistance, Real Results

If you’re looking for assistance with marketing listings, creating brochures, working on your Point2 Agent website, creating newsletters, sending emails, or anything else your …

Helping You Make More MoneyHelping You Make More Money

Your success revolves around listings. We help you market them through audio, advertising, and a great website. The vendors in the Alliance Member Program …

Why Advertise on Advertise on

With over 1 million unique visitors per month to, the better question would be ‘Why aren’t you already advertising on’ Consistently one …

5 Ways to Drive Website Traffic5 Ways to Drive Website Traffic

One of the biggest concerns that any website owner possesses is how to drive more traffic to their website.  The old adage “if you …

AMP up your website!AMP up your website!

Logo175x81 as of March 2009

This month’s Alliance Member Program (AMP) spotlight falls on: Kathleen Allardyce Build Real Estate Results Kathleen’s extensive knowledge of and experience with P0int2 Agent, …

13 Ways to Get Your Listings Noticed13 Ways to Get Your Listings Noticed

No shortage of listing photos here!

Any way you slice it, your listings are your #1 marketing tool.  How can you be sure to market your listings effectively and get …


Time for a little heresy. I like Microsoft’s advertising. There, I said it.  Bring on the ire.  I welcome it. Yes, I am a …

Augmented Reality AdvertisingAugmented Reality Advertising


Sometimes we come across a technology that is so  innovative,  with such endless possibilities, and is so generally “cool” that we can’t help but …

Where Your Listings Go – ZillowWhere Your Listings Go – Zillow


Get ready for another installment of ‘Where Your Listings Go’.  Let’s talk about Zillow this time around. Zillow has been a part of the …

Where Your Listings Go – Point2 HomesWhere Your Listings Go – Point2 Homes

We boast talk a lot about having the largest listing syndication network in the real estate industry.  With over 35 syndication partners it’s true …

Targeted Marketing: Too Effective, Or Just Plain Creepy?Targeted Marketing: Too Effective, Or Just Plain Creepy?

Too Many Ads

Last night I was reading Matt Mason’s fantastic novel The Pirate’s Dilemma (which is probably the best thing I have read in ages) when …