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Point2 Homes proudly presents the ultimate advertising option for real estate agents and brokers: The Top Spot Ad, a brand-new ad that is designed …


At the beginning of this year, we predicted that 2016 would be awesome, as we expected traffic on our listings portal Point2 Homes to break new records. …


2015 was a great year for Point2 Homes! Our listings portal attracted a record traffic that exceeded 27.2 million visits over the last 12 …

8 Listing Presentation Tips8 Listing Presentation Tips

8 listing presentation tips

Do you want to win your next listing presentation? Of course you do! To convince potential home sellers that you’re the real estate agent …

How to Choose a Real Estate AgentHow to Choose a Real Estate Agent

How to choose a real estate agent

What makes one real estate agent a better fit for your family or property than another? With so many agents and brokers out there, …

What Do Real Estate Agents Do?What Do Real Estate Agents Do?

what do real estate agents do

If you’re a real estate agent, chances are that you have probably had to defend your commission once or twice. Maybe you’ve had a …

4 Tips for GREAT Real Estate Ads4 Tips for GREAT Real Estate Ads

real estate ads

Do you ever place classified ads for your listings in print or online? Classified ads can help you target a specific audience (readers of …

5 Canadian Real Estate Market Trends5 Canadian Real Estate Market Trends

Canadian real estate market trends

Can you believe it’s almost May? Now that we’re well into the spring selling season, let’s take a look at Canadian real estate market …

Best Home Improvements for ResaleBest Home Improvements for Resale

Best Home Improvements for Resale Value

Here’s some interesting information to share with your sphere of influence – particularly any potential sellers! This list of the best home improvements for …

116 Common Real Estate Abbreviations116 Common Real Estate Abbreviations

common real estate abbreviations

Pop quiz! Do you know what this says? 3/2 RENO UNO 33 w/ BALC, CVAC & ASRSV Sometimes real estate listings look like they …

6 Tips for Better Real Estate Photos6 Tips for Better Real Estate Photos

better real estate photos

When today’s home buyers are ready to go from online shopping to in-person viewing, we all know that listing photos can be the deciding …

Keeping Our Promise to You, Our AgentsKeeping Our Promise to You, Our Agents


Just like you, we at Point2 are also in the habit of making New Year’s resolutions. This year, at the top of our list …


Everybody lists their homes on Point2 Homes. You, me, celebrities… Yes, you read that right! Even celebrities need to get more exposure for their …

3 Tips to Sell a House in Spring3 Tips to Sell a House in Spring


The big thaw is finally here… for a lot of us, anyway! Not just in terms of temperatures, but also as relates to home …

Rent Growth Approaches 4.5% in 2015Rent Growth Approaches 4.5% in 2015

Rent Growth Annual Amount

Today we have some rental news to share from our friends at Pierce-Eislen. If you’re an agent who also works with rentals, we’re sure …

High Rise Homes on Point2 HomesHigh Rise Homes on Point2 Homes


So far we’ve shown you tiny homes, earth homes, tree houses and even homes of the future! But what about high rise homes? A …

Don’t List Your Home Until You’re ReadyDon’t List Your Home Until You’re Ready


Today’s “ask an expert” guest post comes from Bill Gassett, a popular real estate blogger who shares his tips and tricks with buyers, sellers and other agents. …

3 Quick Tips for Selling During the Holidays3 Quick Tips for Selling During the Holidays


The holidays are here! Who’s in the mood to sell? While spring and summer are traditionally lauded as the best seasons to sell a …

Funny Real Estate SignsFunny Real Estate Signs


If you’ve seen one real estate sign, you’ve seen them all, right? Wrong! Just when you think you’ve seen every for sale sign and …

Winter Curb Appeal TipsWinter Curb Appeal Tips

Winter Curb Appeal Tips_11-12_blogpost

Healthy green grass and lush landscaping can do a lot to increase the curb appeal of a home in the warmer months. But what …