TRID New Loan Disclosure Rules

As a real estate agent, your clients expect you to guide them through the process of buying or selling a home. With new mortgage …

Guide to Real Estate JargonGuide to Real Estate Jargon

real estate jargon

Great news, agents! We’ve created a super helpful guide to real estate jargon that is perfect to share with your clients. What is real …

Selling History: Using a Home’s Past to Your AdvantageSelling History: Using a Home’s Past to Your Advantage

selling history

Many of today’s buyers seek qualities that make a property unique.  When the singular characteristics of a home aren’t obvious, a bit of research …

Is Your Listing Information Safe With Us?Is Your Listing Information Safe With Us?

There has been a lot of hub-bub in the last year about the pros and cons of listing syndication. In order to stay at …

Nifty YouTube Tricks: Deep-Linking VideosNifty YouTube Tricks: Deep-Linking Videos

We all have them – our favorite part of a YouTube video that we could watch over and over.  Maybe it is a really …

DOJ vs. NAR, the Canadian ConnectionDOJ vs. NAR, the Canadian Connection

DOJ vs NAR - Point2

Earlier this year, I was put in the very interesting position of providing a deposition in the DOJ vs. NAR case on behalf of …