Faces of Point2


Jeff Chau

Title: Inside Sales Executive Started at Point2: January 2015 Jeff Chau is actually the second Jeff to join our Canadian sales team, and therefore …


Hemant Naidu

Title: Software Developer Started at Point2: January 2015 It might seem like Hemant is fairly new at Point2, but in reality he’s quite a …

Faces of Point2 – Alexandra PopoviciuFaces of Point2 – Alexandra Popoviciu

Alexandra Popoviciu

Title: Customer Care Representative Started at Point2: January 2015 Meet Alex. She’s one of the newest members of Point2’s world class Customer Care team, …

Faces of Point2 – Ryan TilkFaces of Point2 – Ryan Tilk

Ryan Tilk

Title: Software Developer Start Date: November 2008 Meet Ryan Tilk. In his 6 years of working at Point2, Ryan has worked on many projects, …

Faces of Point2 – Daniel CzankFaces of Point2 – Daniel Czank

Daniel Czank

Title: Programmer Start Date: June 2014 Daniel Czank (with a silent “C”) is a programmer for one of our Yardi projects and would almost …

The Faces of Point2 – Nolan HandThe Faces of Point2 – Nolan Hand


Title: Customer Care Representative Start Date: September 2014 Meet Nolan Hand. He might be the greenest Faces of Point2 we’ve ever featured – he …

The Faces of Point2 – Briggs WaycoThe Faces of Point2 – Briggs Wayco

Briggs Wayco

Title: Graphic Designer Start Date: June 2014 First things first, to answer the question that’s on everyone’s mind: yes, Briggs Wayco is his real …

The Faces of Point2 – Andrij ZipThe Faces of Point2 – Andrij Zip


Title: Customer Care Representative Start Date: April 2013 Today we’d like to introduce you to Andrij Zip, one of our fabulous Customer Care Representatives. …

The Faces of Point2 – Jim LyonsThe Faces of Point2 – Jim Lyons

jimbo crunch

Title: Junior Inside Sales Executive Start Date: November 2013 Do you recognize this handsome fellow? If you follow us on Twitter, there’s a good chance you …

Faces of Point2 – Mark FellFaces of Point2 – Mark Fell

mark fell

Title: Industry Principal Start Date: February 2014 If this isn’t a familiar face to you yet, we bet it will be soon. Mark Fell joined …

Faces of Point2 – Mary ChuFaces of Point2 – Mary Chu

Mary Chu

Title: Event Planner Start Date: August 2013 Today we thought we’d showcase one of the people who make all of the events we attend …

Faces of Point2 – Colton WillickFaces of Point2 – Colton Willick

colton willick

Title: Customer Care Representative Start Date: November 2012 Does today’s face of Point2 look a little bit familiar? If you said yes, well, it’s …

The Faces of Point2 – Dylan ClineThe Faces of Point2 – Dylan Cline

Dylan Cline

Title: Customer Care Representative Start Date: February 2011 We’d love to introduce you to Customer Care Representative Dylan Cline, but you probably already know …

The Faces of Point2 – John ReillyThe Faces of Point2 – John Reilly

John reilly

Title: Director of RealTown Start Date: February 2001 John Reilly isn’t just an expert on real estate, he wrote the book on it… literally! …

The Faces of Point2 – Cassi LindbergThe Faces of Point2 – Cassi Lindberg


Title: Graphic Designer Started at Point2: July 2013 If you’ve been wondering who’s reponsible for making our ads and social media pages look so …

The Faces of Point2 – Warren LongThe Faces of Point2 – Warren Long

warren long

Title: Software Developer Started at Point2: November 2013 Being relatively new at Point2, we had to ask some of Warren’s direct coworkers to tell …

The Faces of Point2 – Rosemary HurniThe Faces of Point2 – Rosemary Hurni

rosemary hurni

Title: Customer Service & Sales Representative, RealTown Started at RealTown: March 1999 Rosemary is one of those people who is always willing to lend …

The Faces of Point2 – Dexter FallsThe Faces of Point2 – Dexter Falls

Dexter Falls

Title: Customer Care Representative Started at Point2: July 2010 On top of being a ninja Customer Care Rep for our Point2 Agent product, Dexter …

The Faces of Point2 – Dustin BartlettThe Faces of Point2 – Dustin Bartlett

Dustin Bartlett

Title: Software Developer Started at Point2: November 2002 Dustin has been with Point2 for over 11 years, having been hired when he was fresh …

The Faces of Point2 – Lee ClarkThe Faces of Point2 – Lee Clark


Title: Inside Sales Executive Started at Point2: March 2011 As a member of our stellar sales team, Lee spends a good part of his …