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    Summer Special: Your Chance to Get More Visibility for Your Services for Up to 50% Off

    August 17th, 2018

    This summer is all about getting more exposure for your listings and services!

    Our Summer Sale just started, giving you the chance to save up to 50% on all Point2 Homes advertising packages. These are the biggest discounts we’ve ever offered, giving you the perfect opportunity to promote your properties and real estate expertise to more prospects and start generating more leads!

    Year after year, Point2 strives to improve and help more real estate professionals expand their online reach to new horizons. Point2 Homes, our consumer search portal, hit another traffic record after an impressive 45.6% Y-o-Y growth, recording 6 million monthly visits this July. With millions of prospects browsing the marketplace every month, it’s now easier then ever to get your properties noticed and to attract more leads. 

    Getting more eyes on your listings has been our top goal from day one, so we developed some top-notch advertising options that have been proven to increase the number of leads generated by promoted listings. This August, we’re offering huge discounts of up to 50% to agents who want to try out all the Point2 Homes advertising options and tap into the portal’s massive traffic.

    More ads, more savings!

    Based on your needs, you can create your own custom ad package. For every ad you get you receive an extra 10% OFF on the whole ad package. This way you can save up to 50% if you get 5 or more ads. With the price cut in half, it’s easy for you to try out different ads and see how they work for your business.

    Getting more eyes on your properties

    If you’re looking to find more buyer leads for your properties you should consider highlighting them. Point2 Homes gets hundreds of thousands of visits every day from homebuyers who are looking for their dream home. This creates the perfect audience for real estate advertising, with promoted listings usually generating up to 4X more leads!

    The Top Spot Listing Ad – be seen first in search results!

    This ad proudly towers at the top of search results pages and gets your property to be seen first by local homebuyers. It displays more and bigger pictures, more information and it’s prominently highlighted to quickly grab the homebuyer’s attention. There is only one Top Spot Listing Ad available for each location at any given time, which makes this a unique and very sought-after advertising option.

    The Gold Listing Ad – give your listings the exposure they deserve!

    If you want to advertise multiple listings and bump their position higher in search results, the Gold Listing Ad is the perfect way to do it. This ad also displays more photos at a glance and it’s neatly highlighted to help your property stand out. This cost-efficient advertising option is favored by most agents, being one of the most popular ads.

    The Premium Agent Ad – get more buyers and sellers to see your profile!

    This profile booster ad is designed for agents who are looking to expand their listing portfolio and attract new business. With this ad, your agent profile will be displayed at the top of local search pages on desktops and neatly highlighted on mobiles. Become the go-to real estate expert for your area with your agent profile advertised at the top! There is just one Premium Agent Ad available for each location, giving you even more prestige!

    The Featured Agent Ad – boosted exposure in your targeted neighbourhood

    If your area of expertise extends over more neighbourhoods and you want to get recognition as the local real estate expert, you must try the Featured Agent Ad. This affordable ad displays your agent photo and contact details next to search results in the neighbourhoods you choose. This ad works best for agents who are just getting settled in a new location or who are looking to expand their portfolio in other areas.


    Try these packages for unparalleled exposure:

    This Summer Sale is your opportunity to try the Point2 Homes advertising options for the first time. One of the most popular packages we have includes one of each ad:

    • 1x Top Spot Listing Ad for your most valued listing
    • 1x Premium Agent Ad to continue expanding your listing portfolio
    • 1x Featured Agent Ad in your most successful neighbourhood
    • 2x Gold Listing Ads for two properties that need to go fast

    Call 1-888-277-9779 to save 50% on this five-ad package!

    Another popular package among long-time Point2 professionals includes:

    • 1x Top Spot Listing Ad for their best listing
    • 4x Gold Listing Ads to have more properties show up on the first page

    Call 1-888-277-9779 to save 50% on this five-ad package!

    But so far, the best selling ad package is comprised of two 3-month Gold Listing Ads, locked down for the price of one!

    The best part of this Summer Sale is that you get to choose what’s important for your business. Give us a call now if you already made up your mind or to get advice from our Advertising Experts who can help you create the best ad package for your needs.

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    Best Three Things About Summer: Sunshine, Leads and Big Discounts!

    August 9th, 2017

    Agents, it’s that time of the year again, when Point2’s prices melt under the heat !  Our biggest sale of the year just started and it brings discounts of up to $300 on the lead-generating solutions for real estate professionals. Are you ready to grab your share of our big discounts?

    Whether you’re here for the first time or you are a seasoned Point2 member, now is a great time to take advantage of our summer discounts and secure a great price on your membership or upgrade for more exposure and more leads.

    To make things even better, our consumer search portal Point2 Homes, hit another traffic record in July, with over 4.12 million visits and 20% Y-o-Y growth. Point2 Homes is the place where you want your listings and services to stand out.

    More traffic means more eyes on your listings and services. Tap into the Point2 Homes potential now, advertise your listings and get more leads than ever!


    Save $100 on the Professional membership

    Built for Agents, Designed for Leads

    The Point2 Professional membership is designed for agents who want to elevate their real estate businesses and start getting more leads. It’s an all-in-one solution that saves time and helps you work efficiently. Get everything, from your own SEO-ready and mobile-friendly website to CRM and lead-generating tools.

    To add more value, you also get $1,000 worth of Featured Ads on Point2 Homes included in your membership, for a fraction of the cost.  Advertised listings get 4X more leads than non- featured. Make your listings stand out at the top of search pages and attract motivated homebuyers quickly.


    Save $300 on the Elite membership

    The Lead Generator for Brokers & Teams

    If you’re ready to thrive, the Elite membership is the right solution for you. You’ll get massive advertising and unlimited property websites, on top of all the lead-generating tools in the Professional membership.

    Designed for brokers and teams, agents love it even more because of its value-to-price ratio! With Elite, you get $6,000 worth of Featured Ads on Point2 Homes every year. With up to 4X more leads for featured listings, Elite gets you the exposure you need to be successful.

    If you are part of the team, the advanced broker tools and the lead routing system available with the Elite membership will come in handy and will streamline your team’s activity.


    Why you’ll love Point2?

    We offer real estate professionals the complete toolkit to make their business a success! Point2 takes care of your online marketing, one step at a time, efficiently and effectively:

    • Add your listing on our highly-trafficked search portal, Point2 Homes.
    • Boost your exposure with Featured Advertising to get even more leads.
    • Create mobile-friendly and SEO-ready websites for you and those VIP listings you’re eager to sell.
    • Manage, nurture and keep in touch with your prospects through the built-in CRM and automatic drip email campaigns.
    • To adjust your strategy and grow or focus your marketing on a specific client type, Point2 is here to offer comprehensive reports about your activity and your leads.

    Installment payments are now available. You can even lock down your special rate to stabilize your online marketing budget with a 2-year payment option.

    Call our Customer Care team, toll free, at 1-888-277-9779 to find out more about the perks on offer.

    Read more about our Summer Sale here


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