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Point2 Homes proudly presents the ultimate advertising option for real estate agents and brokers: The Top Spot Ad, a brand-new ad that is designed to get you amazing exposure to as many motivated homebuyers as possible in your location.

Over 90% of homebuyers start their house hunting online. Point2 Homes ranks high in Google searches and more than 75% of visitors come from real estate related searches. Your listing can be the first they see in your city when they land on the website!

What is a Top Spot Ad?

The Top Spot Ad guarantees that your listing will be the first in the list of properties on the first page and it will be first for 30 days. There is only one ad available per city for all the homebuyers that are searching for properties there. It offers unprecedented reach to prospects browsing Point2 Homes and it stands out better since there’s only one such ad displayed at any time.

The concept behind this ad aims to directly increase the number of times your listing is viewed and the number of leads generated. The Top Spot Ad is also more intensely highlighted to draw even more attention to your listing. At the same time, listings advertised with this type of ad offer the listing agent more local prestige and recognition, by being #1 in the search results.

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What’s behind the Ad?

Traffic on Point2 Homes has been steadily increasing in the past couple of years, surpassing 4.2 million monthly visits this year and aiming even higher for 2018. All this growth and the exposure it generates made Point2 Homes one of the best real estate listing portals in Canada and an ideal advertising platform for real estate professionals.

75% of Point2 Homes’ traffic comes from local Google searches of real estate related keywords, like “homes for sale in [your city]”. You can easily generate more leads when thousands of motivated prospects searching for homes will see your listing first.

In a recent survey, Point2 Homes analysts discovered that 90% of the visitors on the website plan to buy a home within one year, and 54% say they plan to do so within six months. These numbers indicate high purchase intent and high quality of leads for Point2 Homes visitors.


Is the Top Spot Ad for you?

The Top Spot Ad suits any agent looking to gain more leads and local reputation by leveraging the massive traffic on Point2 Homes to their advantage. Now, you can tap into the full power of Point2 Homes with the most prominent advertising option and secure Top Spot advertising for your listings for 30 days.

Any real estate agent or broker can agree that in order to keep a competitive edge in the real estate business, effective and efficient advertising is key. Every year new advertising options surface on the market, providing new ways and mediums for advertising.

Online advertising is no different. It is constantly evolving and tackling new ways to increase ad efficiency, reach and conversion results. So don’t miss out on the most visible placement on Point2 Homes!

While there are other advertising options on Point2 Homes, the Top Spot Ad, being unique for each location, will always have limited availability. Spots are filled up fast and pricing is based on local activity and demand. Our friendly representatives can offer more details over the phone, Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM CST.

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