Agents & Brokers Highly Benefit from Point2 Homes Record Breaking Traffic Growth


Point2 Homes, one of the biggest real estate platforms in Canada, just got bigger, reporting a record-breaking 4 million visits in March. That’s a 25% increase year-over-year.

Other areas covered by Point2 Homes – US and International markets – have contributed to this surge in visits as well. As you know, more traffic means more exposure, and more leads. Here’s an overview of the record-breaking stats:

In the April press release, Point2 Homes is proud to report that it increasingly established itself as the preferred platform for home buyers in Canada, with an additional 629,000 visitors browsing the website for their next home, compared to last year.

The portal keeps growing at a fast pace, setting a new all-time-high number of visits per day – 158,500 on April 18th, 2017. It’s hard to beat the exposure 24.6 million page views per month brings to your listings.

Significant growth was reported on the US (7%) and International markets (35%) as well, including increased searches in Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

What does this mean for agents and brokers? Simply put: more leads! Point2 Homes referred 54% more leads to agents in March, compared to this time last year. Have a look at the percentages when broken down by market:

  • International agents got 146% more leads
  • Canadian agents got 65% more leads
  • US agents got 27% more leads

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Are You and Your Listings on Point2 Homes?

If you and your listings are not already on Point2 Homes, now is the time to jump on the success train! Become a Point2 member and get your listings on Canada’s fastest growing real estate platform.

Once you’re a Point2 member, Point2 Homes becomes part of a massive online real estate marketing toolkit you’ll have at your disposal, which includes of to $6,000 worth of Featured Listing and Featured Agent Ads, proven to greatly boost leads for agents.

Yet More Benefits for Agents and Brokers New to Point2

As a Point2 member, your success in the competitive real estate market is our business. Here are some of the extra tools you’ll have to achieve that success:

  • You get a professional, easy-to-use and customizable real estate website, which looks great and is Search Engine Optimized.
  • You get excellent lead capture tools for your website, such as Custom Forms and Call-to-Action buttons.
  • You get a WordPress blog of your own, where you can stake your claim as the local expert.
  • You get single property websites, integrated CRM, automated email campaigns for lead nurturing, access on the largest real estate social media platform in Canada… the list goes on!

Already on Point2 Homes? Congrats! Here’s How You Take Full Advantage

If you’re already a Point2 member – thank you for being part of our success! Point2 Homes has been growing so fast, you may want to take advantage of the platform more.

You now get free Featured Ads with your Pro or Elite accounts, for your listings and for your own agent profile, which can increase your lead count 4 times if you’re in Canada or International markets, and 15 times if you work in the US.

If you’re an agent in the US, your listings now appear on the Spanish version of Point2 Homes as well, which registered a 68% traffic increase since it was launched, in January 2017. Spanish is the second most popular language in the US, and tapping into that demographic with a powerful real estate search portal is a wise decision for agents.

Now is the time to join Point2 and get your listings where leads are looking! Start a free trial now and see for yourself!

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