Point2 Agent Success Story: Jim Wheeler


Another Point2 Agent reveals the secret of their success: hard work, and using the right tools, like Point2!

For Jim Wheeler, broker/owner of Wheeler and Associates, Inc in Biloxi, MS, customer satisfaction drives his business by propelling him to the top of the Gulf Coast market. With over two decades under his belt – he started back in 1993 –  Jim and his agents enjoy a reputation for outstanding service and valuable real estate “know how.” 

Having earned the highest rating on Angie’s List for the Mississippi Gulf Coast has helped Jim distinguish himself from his competitors as a trusted and recommended real estate professional. Recently, Jim began regularly posting on his blog – the Landmark Blog – using it to connect with clients by providing helpful information about all aspects of the real estate market. Jim’s simple, streamlined website promotes client communication on every page, with Jim reaching out to current and prospective customers by encouraging questions and conversation.

By highlighting customer testimonials on his website, Jim is able to nurture existing relationships while also demonstrating to prospects that he can deliver on his promises. Jim also uses his website to direct users to a variety of resources that can help them on their homebuying or selling adventure; including links to MLS listings along the Gulf Coast, a “Dream Home” finder, free market analysis and more! 

Jim was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to sit down and discuss how he’s used his website and other online tools to grow his business and enhance his marketing strategies.

When did you start using Point2 Agent and why did you choose us?

I began using Point2 Agent some time ago because of the free trial offer. When you live on commissions, you’re always looking for bargains, deals and freebies, and trying it out risk-free seemed like a good idea.

Getting the chance to use Point2 Agent without having to pay for it upfront let me try it out and decide if it was worth paying for in the future. After the trial had ended,  I subscribed,  and I have been using Point2 Agent ever since.

How do you use Point2 Agent to drive leads?

I take advantage of everything that Point2 has to offer to drive leads. What stands out to me is the fact that Point2 Agent has so many features – like drip emails, featured listings and Handshake – not offered by other sites. I feel like I already have an advantage over the competition just by being a subscriber.

I think the drip email campaign tool is particularly useful for driving leads, primarily because it saves me from spending too much time in front of the computer. With Point2 Agent’s automated email service, I don’t have to spend every minute of my day trying to stay in touch with my leads and prospects. My website does it for me.

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Finally, Handshake and Point2 Homes featured listings allow me to extend my reach by connecting me with other agents and homebuyers. In fact, I probably get 3 to 4 leads per month just by using the Point2 Homes the featured ads option.

What is your favorite Point2 Agent feature?

I find that I get remarkable value out of listing syndication because I only have to enter my information once, and it gets sent out to all these other listing websites. Syndication allows me to increase exposure and draw in more leads.

I also like the social media sharing capability because it allows me to expand my marketing plan. The social media integration makes it easy for me to use my Point2 website to place listings on other platforms, like Facebook.

Do you have any tips for agents who are just starting out?

My advice would be to add listings often, and make sure to keep those listing updated. Change up the themes and design on your website so that you can keep it looking fresh. It’s important to blog DAILY, and promote your site using all the social media options available.

Most importantly, follow-up with the prospects that your site generates; don’t just email them and pray that they will email you back. Call them, and do it as quickly as possible. Your actions and your follow-up need to show that you are as good as the impression you make with your website.

Thanks, Jim! Your commitment to your blog and social media marketing are a great example of how today’s online tools can help agents expand their reach and influence.  

To start your own 100% free trial of the great real estate marketing tools available from Point2 Agent, just click the button below. You’ll even be able to set up your own mobile-friendly, professional agent website:

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