Point2 Homes Website Continues to Receive Millions of Visitors



September ends with millions of visits to Point2 Homes and the largest Facebook fan base in Canada!

Point2 Homes, our real estate search website, continues to see steady grow in website visits.

Even as the seasonal traffic slows for fall, Point2 Homes received 2.32 million website visitors for the month of September. This latest number indicates a 62% year-on-year increase in total traffic and a 78% increase in organic traffic. Additionally, Point2 Homes accounted for 26,600 consumer leads during September, a 54% Y-oY increase.

September and October generally see a slowdown in activity in the real estate market, but this increased growth in website visitors indicates that even in autumn, homebuyers and sellers are active and motivated. In one specific example, traffic from Ottawa grew steadily, despite the seasonal slowdown, registering a 6% M-o-M increase and an 85% Y-o-Y increase.

Did you know that Point2 Homes Canada has one of the largest fan bases among real estate websites in Canada? In fact, our social media traffic continues to grow at an astounding pace.  The Point2 Homes Canada Facebook page now has over 23,000 fans! That’s almost double the number of followers from less than one year ago, and we expect our fan base to keep on growing! Imagine the having all those potential buyers and sellers viewing your listings and posts each day!

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Happy selling, agents!

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