The Right Tools for New Agents: Selling Yourself to Brokers


New Agent Self-Promotion

While working under the umbrella of a broker or real estate company essentially makes you an employee, the reality is that as an agent, you are responsible for your business. When looking to fill an empty slot with a new candidate, brokers will be looking for a motivated agent with self-discipline and determination.

Communicate Clearly

The job of an agent involves being the intermediary between buyers and sellers. That means brokers want someone with excellent communication skills who can quickly explain the intricacies of property purchases while also tactfully and skillfully negotiating between all parties involved in the transaction. These communication skills extend to marketing as well, so a prospective agent needs to be able to demonstrate that they are not only able to sell properties, but are equally able to sell themselves and the brokerage.

Curb Appeal

A common term in real estate is curb appeal. You want your listing to present its freshest face to the public in order to charm potential buyers. What you may not have realized is that curb appeal also applies to you. Presenting a likable and professional appearance and character helps you connect with clients and create a rapport with colleagues and referrers. Once you don that jacket and start putting up those signs, you’re a walking/talking representation of the brokerage, so make an effort to be well-groomed and pleasant.

Be Focused

Brokerages and real estate offices are busy workplaces that value efficiency and organization. You can demonstrate that you’ll fit right in by emphasizing your efficient time management and your exemplary focus and initiative. Let them know you are an expert juggler, accustomed to constant motion and committed to never letting the ball drop.

Five Ways to Sell Yourself

Prepare for any initial interaction or first meeting with a broker or real estate company in the same way that you would prepare for a job interview. Using some guidelines from, we’ve come up with five ways to sell yourself when you’re first starting out in real estate

  1. Show Them You’re The Solution

    Any company looking to hire new employees is hoping that they can find individuals able to provide a solution to a new or longstanding issue. When it comes to real estate, most brokerages and offices want agents who can contribute to lead generation and making sales. Prepare yourself by becoming familiar with the market in your area, taking special note of any areas that are underserved or not being exploited effectively. Arm yourself with details and strategies to present a compelling pitch as to why you should be their top choice!
  2. Be Specific

    As stated above, it’s not enough to say you’re the best candidate, you have to prove it by stressing your skills and experience. When launching into generalized talking points, like “I work well with others” or “I take initiative,”  be prepared to elaborate on your claims with concrete examples. Tell stories, prepare anecdotes, anything to bolster your assertions and stand out from other candidates.
  3. Talk a Good Game

    Come up with a few standard replies or statements that quickly and succinctly summarize your skills, experience and ambition. Try to prepare a catchy soundbite or memorable phrase using industry terms and action words. Begin by listing some of your greatest accomplishments in either the workplace or while in school, and find a way to show how these successes make you stand apart. Once you have a set “story” about yourself, you can easily answer pointed questions and elaborate on the content of your resume.
  4. Keep an Eye on Body LanguageNonverbal language can communicate a lot about your frame of mind and confidence level, so pay attention to how you present yourself. Make sure your posture is on point, sit up straight and don’t  fidget. It’s also important to maintain eye contact while answering questions, and your handshake should be firm, but not overly aggressive.
  5. Stay PositiveWhenever possible, present yourself positively. Focus on the ways in with you project optimism and capability. Don’t complain about former bosses or working situations. If you must address something negative, keep it short and sweet. Less is more when the topic is unpleasant, so try to avoid elaborating on anything undesirable. Always spin it as positively as you can – if you quit your job, rephrase it as “looking for better opportunities” or “I needed more of a challenge.” If you were fired or let go, simply state “it wasn’t the right fit” and move on.

Above all else, try to remain calm and collected. The most useful approach to selling yourself to brokers or real estate agencies involves highlighting personality by behaving authentically and enthusiastically. Do your research and stay focused on the task at hand. Ultimately, a real estate agency or broker is looking for someone who is the right fit, not just in terms of experience and skills, but also in terms of temperament and a willingness to work.

Just starting out? Let us know what challenges you’re facing and what aspects of the job you’re most looking forward to in the comments.

Good luck everybody!

Tools For New Agents

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