50 Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents


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Imagine an office full of ringing phones and inboxes overflowing with emails from prospective clients. Imagine agents and brokers hustling to fulfill the home buying and selling dreams of countless customers while the checks roll in and profits soar.

It’s not an impossible dream, but in order to make that vision a reality you must generate leads, and those leads must be managed and cultivated wisely so that you never miss an opportunity to connect with a customer and sell a property.

If you’re looking for optimal lead generation strategies, then look no further! Whether you’re an experienced real estate professional or just starting out, knowing how to effectively generate leads is key to your business success. We’ve wrangled up 50 of our best lead generation strategies to help you increase client connections and make those sales!

Updated January 20th, 2017: With each passing month, online marketing options become more diverse and new avenues for achieving your goals open up. We keep an eye on these new developments in order to better advise you on your options. Here are a few brand new ideas you can use to generate more leads, as a bonus to this list full of relevant pointers:

  • Live Streaming Video: whether it’s a virtual tour or a virtual open house, there’s nothing like live streaming video to engage your audience and spark the interest of potential home buyers. While the success of streaming video as a marketing tactic depends on having an established online presence, it is surely one of the most powerful emerging trends for 2017, and it’s well worth looking into.
  • Personalized Ads: effective advertising always focuses on the right audience – in order to engage people, they have to feel like you’re not only speaking to them, but about them as well. Don’t rely on formulas and hollow buzzwords when writing your listing ads. Try instead to imagine you’re talking with a close friend. This open, direct approach will make your ads feel personal, and will help increase your lead count.
  • Video Content: people are increasingly reliant on video for information and entertainment, and the ultimate hub for video content is now definitely the Internet. Even the TV industry is tipping its hat more and more to online content. Use your blog and your social media accounts to tap into this fresh energy! Instead of writing another blog post, let your natural charisma shine in a video you can share – your brand will gain much more recognition!

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Lead Generation Basics 

1) Ready to dive in and learn all you can about reaching out to buyers and sellers and growing your real estate business? Here’s a step-by-step guide that quickly and easily guides you through the process of following up on leads and transforming those prospects into clients.

2) We all know that one of the biggest challenges regarding inventory is getting your listings in front of interested buyers. That’s why it’s important to use every resource available to promote your listings and expand your online audience.

3) Interested in converting more website leads into sales? Here are 5 easy steps that are sure to transform interested browsers into engaged and proactive customers.

4) Working in real estate is a bit of a juggling act. With such a busy, jam-packed schedules, it’s easy for something to fall through the cracks. Follow our 5 essential everyday tasks for real estate agents, and you’ll never miss out on a lead or fail to follow up on a hot prospect.

5) Collecting leads is not enough; you need to turn those potential customers into actual clients! Here are 7 tips to rock your lead conversion and turn prospects into profits.

6) What if you never had to worry about another lead? With these 4 proven strategies, you can create a seamless lead generating system that attracts, engages and converts prospective clients into paying customers.

7) In today’s competitive real estate market, it’s not enough to simply have a website and a social media account, you have to be able to measure whether or not these Internet tools are helping your business grow. We all know that Google is king when it comes to online data. Here are 4 Google Analytics tips that can help you measure and improve your online marketing strategies.

8) Chasing empty leads wastes time and money! Our webinar “5 Steps to Massive Lead Conversion Made Easy” shows you how to prioritize prospects for more effective follow-up and turn suspects into loyal advocates.

9) Classified ads are a traditional and familiar method of real estate advertising, and they are still one of the most effective tools to reach out to prospective clients. Whether in print or online, these 4 tips for great real estate ads can help you create listing ads that get results.

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Proven and Effective Lead Generation Strategies

10) Your customers are your most valuable asset, don’t let them go to waste! When nurtured and serviced after the sale, your client relationships can open doors for easier prospecting, endless referrals and repeat business. These 10 database management strategies can help you turn previous customers into future sales.

11) Finding leads is not enough; you still have to turn that possibility into a probability. By following 3 simple steps, you can ensure that you’re well positioned to snag that prospect and advance that relationship into a closed client.

12) Collecting leads is only part of the puzzle. The best way to make the most of your potential clients is to prioritize them based on their value. Learning the ABC’s of grading leads can help you streamline your monthly processes and convert the hot prospects into even hotter sales.

13) Feeling like you’re in a rut and have exhausted every avenue when it comes to lead generation? Sometimes it helps to begin again with a few practical tools that can restart and refresh your efforts, like these 7 easy steps to better prospecting.

14) With multiple funnels channeling potential clients to your business, you’ll never experience a lead drought. These 7 hot tips can help you set up systems to handle all incoming prospects so that valuable potential clients are prioritized, and you can avoid getting caught in a cycle of dead ends and lost potential.

15) When it comes to real estate prospecting, you need to invest consistent time and energy to get results. By blocking out segments of your day to follow up with potential buyers and sellers, you can secure more qualified leads and make more sales – here are 3 ways to help you make a schedule that sticks!

16) Short on time? The problem isn’t time management, it’s YOU management. Follow these 12 tips and increase your productivity, profitability and prospecting!

17) Don’t get stuck in the past! What “used to work” isn’t enough anymore, you have to find new ways to engage your prospective customers and stand out in the marketplace. Follow these tips to refine your marketing and pull in leads.

18) Client retention is the backbone to getting more sales. These 3 tips for better productivity can help you organize your schedule and enable you to work more efficiently, generate more leads and increase income without spending fruitless hours tied to your desk.

19) Digital technology is instrumental to boosting productivity and streamlining your business. These 7 must-have online tools will help you distribute listings, leverage market data and find new ways to engage with prospective clients.

Online Content for Lead Generation

20) It’s often said that in today’s online marketing environment “content is king” – but what does that mean? This webinar by Kathy Stephens and Tim Covello from Simple Sites Serious Success will help you create quality content you can use online to drive traffic and turn leads into customers.

21) Your digital neighborhood is a place where you can generate content that will promote your brand and mold prospects into clients. Erica Rascon of Yardi’s The Balance Sheet sets out how to use online marketing tools to build your base, tweak your approach and generate leads.

22) Looking to start a real estate blog? What took you so long?! Content creation is a fantastic way to increase business and establish a positive image with potential clients. Bill Gassett’s lays out 7 ways easy steps to help you begin. Stop stalling and start blogging!

23) Your website is often your first introduction to a potential customer. These 9 elements of great web design will ensure that your site hooks leads and expands your marketing potential.

24) There’s a fine line between intriguing and just plain weird. When it comes to online marketing for real estate, sometimes a unique approach is your best bet, but it can also backfire. Here are 5 unusual real estate marketing examples – take a look and see what might work for you, and what’s better left unexplored.

Networking, Cold Calls and the Art of Email

25) Real estate conferences and conventions are great places to connect with other professionals and expand your sphere of influence. Here are some do’s and don’ts of networking to help you get more leads and turn strangers into valuable business contacts.

26) Sometimes all you need is an email address to send a text message to a prospect. Find out how to use your phone to get in touch with website leads without having their phone numbers.

27) Phone conversations are still one of the best ways to interact with potential customers. Stop avoiding the phone and use these 5 tips to conquer call reluctance so that “taking a call” stops being a chore and starts being a fruitful (and fun) part of your daily business practice.

28) You’re not alone if you suffer from call reluctance, but a small attitude adjustment can help improve your prospecting and generate more leads. Overcome “prospecting phobia” and establish an effective plan of action with these 6 easy prospecting dos and don’ts.

29) Leads can come from a variety of sources, including your phone! It only takes a few minutes to answer that call, and with these 3 tips for better phone etiquette, you can make sure you never squander this valuable asset.

30) Do you ever avoid making a call you know you need to make? Try these simple phone strategies to make the process a more manageable part of your day.

31) Staying top of mind is essential to lead generation. Drip email campaigns are a powerful tool for keeping in touch with past, present and future clients.

32) Sometimes after a long workweek, it seems impossible to write even one more sentence, but we all know email campaigns are essential to drum up businesses and connecting with prospects. These 3 easy email scripts for agents come to the rescue, by helping you keep in touch quickly and efficiently.

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Social Networking Works 

33) Skeptical about social media’s ability to generate leads and improve your business? Watch our webinar “Unlocking the Secret to Market Domination with Tricia Andreassan” to learn how you can leverage the power of Facebook, Twitter and other channels to establish powerful client connections and integrate your brand marketing.

34) LinkedIn isn’t just for job seekers and recruiters, it’s morphed into a powerful business tool for professionals looking to connect with colleagues, clients and prospects. These 9 tips for using LinkedIn can help you make more contacts and source more leads.

35) How can you use LinkedIn to create a commanding online footprint? These 4 LinkedIn strategies can help you turn this online network into a powerful prospecting tool.

36) Sometimes we can approach online marketing with more hope than practicality, but the truth is only a customized and purposeful marketing plan can help you attract, engage and connect with potential clients. Why not try these social media strategies for real estate that will help you close more business and attract more leads?

37) Homebuyers and sellers are increasingly turning to the Internet for all their real estate needs, but how do you turn those online prospects into actual customers? The first step involves learning to effectively use online real estate marketing technology.

38) In real estate, it’s all about location, location, location… is your website positioned in the best way possible to generate leads and connect with potential clients? If you’re not sure where to start or how to expand your web presence, we’ve got you covered with these simple online marketing strategies for real estate agents.

39) Real estate can be a serious business, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a laugh once in a while. By creating your own real estate memes, you can lightheartedly interact with clients, colleagues and prospects.

40) Homebuyers have questions, and by positioning yourself as their “go-to” agent with all the answers, you can turn prospects into clients. One way to engage with potential customers is to post an FAQ to your website and blog using these standard homebuyer queries and responses.

41) Facebook is prime marketing real estate, which is why it’s important to use it wisely and present yourself professionally and effectively. Create dazzling cover images with these 5 Facebook photo ideas for agents.

42) Facebook ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website and reach a broad target audience. Here are 5 tips to help you start creating Facebook ads for real estate that will generate leads and connect with prospective clients.

43) Can you really make money with Facebook? You can! Here are 5 easy ways for real estate agents to make money on Facebook.

44) Can social media actually help you grow your real estate business? Study after study has shown that online channels are highly effective in generating solid leads, and with over 1 billion Facebook members, it makes sense to establish a business presence on this giant social media platform.

45) Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out, when it comes to social media marketing it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re staying safe online. Here’s a list of 10 helpful tips to keep you and your personal information secure while networking online.

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A Picture (or Video) Is Worth 1000 Leads 

46) Online photos drive traffic and engage users. Utilizing social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can help you tell the story of your property through images and draw in prospective clients.

47) If you’ve already started using photos to showcase your listings, bravo! But did you know that there’s a fine line between too many photos and not enough? We’ve crunched the numbers and figured out the optimal quantity of listing photos to generate leads.

48) Used wisely and efficiently, video is a fantastic tool to encourage engagement with clients and prospects. With these 7 killer ideas to get more leads using video, you can connect with current and future customers in a powerful new way.

49) Do you dread cold calls and prospecting over the phone? Why not use these 6 tips for video to raise your profile and reach out to future clients? The use of video, done well, can propel your prospecting right into the profit zone!

50) Interested in using video as a lead generating tool, but not sure where to start? Here are 4 ways to incorporate video into your online marketing strategy.


lead generation strategies real estate Point2 Agent blog

Find Prospective Sellers Using PropertyShark’s ListBuilder Tool

PropertyShark’s ListBuilder lets you quickly build custom mailing and property lists that allow you tap into a new market: owners that are considering selling their property but haven’t made the decision just yet. Be the first to target this group, and you’ll have an enormous advantage over the competition!

When building your custom list, Property Shark lets you choose the specific features and criteria you need in order to produce personalized mailings for an explicit group of prospects and clients. For example, with ListBuilder you could contact a particular group of property owners you feel are ready to enter the market again. You could then create a list that includes very detailed and precise demographics: like condominium owners who purchased their home for over $1,000,000 and have held onto it for over five years. The possibilities are endless!

Potential clients are more likely to respond to pitches that appeal to their unique desires. The key is to continue to gather as much data as possible about your region, and leverage that data to target prospects more efficiently and effectively. With a deep understanding of everything your market has to offer, you can show clients that you are the best and only agent that can truly help find them what they are looking for!


Which lead generation idea are you going to try first?

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