Point2 Agent Success Story: Sam Kamoutsis, PLANIT Real Estate



Point2 Agent Success Story Sam Kamoutsis PLANIT Real Estate

We’re excited to introduce you to Sam Kamoutsis, a broker from Toronto who is living in the future. Sam has found a way to automate lead generation and modernize his real estate business for the past 10 years. Using all the online tools at his disposal, Sam’s website has generated more than 25,000 leads for his brokers and agents…along with a phone that rings nonstop!

Sam has a keen interest in and understanding of how technology is changing the needs and strategies of today’s agents and brokers. Always on the lookout for the latest real estate tools and resources, Sam has found new ways to connect with prospects, and he’s able to provide them with detailed and accurate information quickly and efficiently.

Not content to rest on his laurels or maintain the status quo, Sam is planning ahead and casting an eye on the future of real estate. With access to the best technology and marketing tools available, Sam feels prepared to handle whatever new developments may come his way, and he feels sure that while “the client of the future has changed forever,” his brokerage will be around for a long, long time.

Sam Kamoutsis PLANIT Real Estate Point2 Agent Success StoryWhen did you begin your career in real estate?

I started in real estate in 1998, buying properties, renovating them and flipping them for profit. I loved the real estate profession so much, I decided to quit my job in 2005 and get involved in real estate full time. After a couple of years, I left the large brokerage model and launched my own Brokerage: PLANIT Real Estate.

When did you start using Point2 Agent and why did you choose us?

I started with Point2 Agent in 2006 because it offered the most advanced systems to date. Having an extensive IT and technical background, I realized the benefit of deploying not one but several Point2 Agent websites. Point2 offered all the tools I felt I needed to excel in the real estate business, drive traffic to my websites and produce leads for my company.

What do you do to drive leads to your site?

The truth is that any system you use in your daily real estate business will work when it is configured properly. Even though many other real estate website providers have surfaced since, our company still maintains our Point2 Agent website because it generates a very large number of leads for us… and I mean lots! To this day, it has served its purpose well and has paid for all the costs associated for years to come!

Point2 allows our website to appear on the first page of Google directly or indirectly through Point2’s syndicated network of websites. We drive a lot of traffic with minimal to no effort and without spending an extra dime on marketing. We keep our advertising budget minimal but produce huge results for our marketplace.

What kind of traffic or results do you see?

We have collected more than 25,000 contacts in our Point2 Agent database over the years. Because more than 50% of our prospects prefer to call us, instead of contacting us over email, our phones ring nonstop every single day.

Point2 lead generation and management methodology has allowed us to organize by enabling our agents to leave lead generation in the hands of technology, focusing instead on converting leads into clients.

I truly believe in the virtual real estate model, and this is where Point2 shines. The real estate agent of the future needs to be able to virtually connect all their systems through all their devices in order to:

  • Generate leads
  • Convert leads
  • Manage leads and
  • Generate income from the leads

In my opinion, virtual real estate is the way of the future. You can see an image of my homepage below:

Point2 Agent Success Story Website Sam Kamoutsis

Click above to check out Sam’s Point2 Agent website!

What is your favorite Point2 Agent feature?

The Handshake and syndication features are two of things I love best. Point2 Agent is the best system in Canada, and it drives leads to our listings while adding exposure we wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. The system is very easy to configure, and the dual feature of a listing and a page for the same property works miracles for us.

We drive hundreds of thousands of targeted views and thousands of leads every year to our listings through the Point2 syndication network. I have yet to find another system that offers the same.

Do you have any tips for agents who are just starting out?

I would like to share one simple observation that has changed the way I, and my company, conducts business: the client of the future has changed forever.

The “authority of information” has replaced the “authority of a real estate agent.” Today’s clients are not only starting their search online, but client communication is happening primarily online as well. Gone are the days when print, magazines and direct mail were effective. The real estate market is now online, and only those who follow the rapid river of change will be in business tomorrow.

Every real estate agent and business owner should understand one thing: the communication patterns of the new real estate buyer and seller have changed. In order to succeed in real estate, the modern agent must be present on all the platforms being used by the new generation of buyers and sellers. The successful real estate agents and brokers of the future will be the ones who embrace this change.

Thanks, Sam! Your modern approach and thoughtful insight will really empower and inspire all of our Point2 Agents.

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