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75 Marketing Ideas and Tools for Real Estate Agents Point2 Agent Blog

Updated January 20th, 2017: There’s a feeling of pending change in the air already in 2017, and many in the real estate field are wondering what aspects of their job are going to morph and how are they going to address the new challenges. The good news is that there’s always something to update and something new to try.

All of the items on this extensive list are still very much relevant, but tech and trends change so quickly that it’s always a good idea to update tried-and-true methods with new discoveries and ideas. We’ve come across a few brand new pointers to keep in mind for a successful year of promoting and growing your business, based on the latest trends in online marketing:

  • Personalized Content: whether it’s your blog (if you don’t have a regularly updated blog, start one as soon as possible!) or your social media accounts, personalized content reigns supreme when it comes to standing out and engaging your audience. Write posts that are honest and conversational, and your readers will not only engage, but increase.
  • Pay to Play Social Media: any business will most definitely need a social media budget in 2017. For enterprising agents, Facebook is a solid source of leads and a buzz generating locomotive. Check out this great argument for investing in your social media presence, written by none other than Neil Patel, one of the ultimate gurus of online marketing.
  • Virtual Reality: virtual tours of homes are one thing, and they’re a great feature to offer to your prospects, but virtual reality tech is coming, and nothing will ever be the same. Experts agree that VR is the future, so get educated on the possibilities as soon as possible and try to plan accordingly.

If you’re looking for real estate marketing tips that will make your job easier in 2017, we’ve got you covered! This helpful list includes 75 of our best marketing ideas for real estate lead generation.

Whether you want to do more email marketing, social media marketing, video marketing or something completely different, there’s sure to be at least one strategy here that will help you broaden your reach and increase your exposure.

Email Marketing

  1. Learn how to write email subject lines that get opened. A great subject line will get more clients and prospects to actually read your emails, instead of deleting them with the rest of the junk.
  2. Looking to get in touch with prospects and referral sources? There are many different kinds of client interactions, but these email scripts are a great starting point and can be modified to fit your specific needs.
  3. Set up drip email campaigns to incubate leads. Drip email campaigns increase the odds of turning a prospect into a client by automating branded emails and generating return visits to your website.
  4. Create email newsletters that build your brand, establish you as an authority and keep you on top of your marketing game. Good headlines, powerful images and the right content can help you engage potential clients.

The best email marketing tools: Mail ChimpConstant Contact and Aweber.

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Listing Marketing

  1. Create listing descriptions that sell using the right words to entice clients and quickly sell properties. Our easy writing tips and examples will help you use the right words to lure buyers and push your listings to the top of any “must see” list.
  2. Brand names and buzzwords like “stainless steel appliances” and “hardwood floors” generate interest and increase sales. Use popular keywords in your listing descriptions to appeal to more buyers.
  3. Concise comments, detailed descriptions and beautiful photos make a powerful impression, so make your words count and your images shine. To ensure that every property has the maximum impact, employ these 3 best practices for listing real estate online.
  4. Convince sellers that you’re the real estate agent that will sell their home the fastest and for the highest price with these 8 listing presentation tips. The right preparation and presentation demonstrates to prospective clients that you have the skills and experience to meet all their needs.
  5. Print and classified ads help you reach an interested and targeted audience, so make the most of your listing by including these four essential ingredients. Use these 4 tips to create great real estate ads for print and classified advertising.
  6. Don’t waste your time with a property that is not ready for the market. Realistically priced properties that show well sell quickly, and successful agents understand that sellers may need help preparing their home before the initial listing. Learn how to help sellers prepare for marketing their home to its best advantage.

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Seasonal Marketing

  1. No matter what your budget or schedule, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to express your gratitude and appreciation to the clients, coworkers, and business colleagues who’ve helped your real estate business thrive. There are plenty of easy and inexpensive options, so why not spread the love this Valentine’s Day?
  2. Spring starts with an influx of listings, so make yours stand out with savvy online marketing and these three essential ingredients. Teach sellers 3 ways to help listings sell more quickly in the spring.
  3. Hop to it – link up with more clients this spring! Whether its egg hunts, Easter baskets or egg coloring contests, the Easter holiday provides entertaining ways to connect with current and potential clients. Try your hand at these new Easter marketing ideas for real estate, and watch your business flourish.
  4. Summer is a great time to reconnect with past clients, increase referrals and meet new customers with entertaining newsletters, fun outdoor activities and other summer-themed promotions and events. Why not heat things up with 3 summer real estate marketing ideas?
  5. Seize the opportunity to refresh and expand your real estate business during the fall by hosting back-to-school events and promotions. Leverage back-to-school marketing to meet new clients and reconnect with referral sources.
  6. Balance professionalism and coziness with tasteful home staging that sells. Embrace the season, but avoid scaring away buyers with strategic Halloween marketing.
  7. Stand out from the competition this autumn. Make your mark before the holidays with these three quick and easy ideas fall marketing ideas that will delight and intrigue new and potential clients.
  8. It’s always tough to balance holiday cheer and professional staging, but with a little pre-planning, you can navigate that gray area between “too much” and “just right.” These Christmas decorating guidelines will help steer your sellers towards holiday decorations that can delight buyers and boost holiday sales.
  9. With fewer listings and motivated buyers, the holidays provide the perfect opportunity to increase business. Attract more buyers during the bustle of the winter season with 3 quick tips for selling during the holidays.
  10. National Kite Flying Day, Star Wars Day, Take a Hike Day…the possibilities are endless! By highlighting nontraditional holidays in your year-round marketing plan, you can expand your business profile and snag potential clients. Find unique marketing opportunities using these nontraditional holidays.

Social Media Marketing

  1. Using the power of social media, you can quickly and easily post a listing perfectly positioned to reach interested buyers and prospects. Discover 12 free and inexpensive ways to market your listings online.
  2. Position yourself as an authority on any channel by writing a killer social media bio. Use these tips to create a social media profile that resonates with colleagues, influencers and prospects.
  3. Transform into a savvy online marketer by using these quick tools and tips to expand your social media footprint. Get more followers on social media to find new online prospects.
  4. Facebook is a solid source for lead generation. Make your Facebook business page stand out from the crowd with these 10 tips.
  5. Many real estate agents successfully use Twitter to promote their own content and connect with prospective clients. Join the fun and learn how to tweet with the best of them using Twitter tips for real estate agents.
  6. Twitter provides the perfect platform to reach thousands of potential clients, and with many different advertising options available, you’re sure to find an advertising strategy that’s right for you. Try your hand at paid advertising on Twitter with help from this quick guide to Twitter advertising.
  7. Facebook ads are a great way to easily target your market and get your content in front of the right audience. Get 5 tips for creating Facebook ads for real estate that attract prospects and convert leads.
  8. LinkedIn is fast becoming a top choice for business-minded social media marketing, already surpassing Facebook and Twitter in business lead generation. Use LinkedIn to expand your network by linking up with peers and influencers.
  9. Social media marketing doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. Put social media tips from a successful real estate agent to work for you.
  10. Try using Meerkat to live broadcast your new listings and market updates. By combining live streaming with Twitter’s broadcast capabilities, Meerkat can help you target a wide audience of prospective clients.

Telephone Marketing

  1. Good phone etiquette is an important part of forging strong business relationships and building a solid client base. Keep your cool and impress prospects on the phone with key telephone tips for real estate agents.
  2. Texting allows you to quickly and conveniently communicate with clients, but it’s important to make sure all your interactions are professional and effective. Balance competence with convenience using these texting tips to interact with buyers and sellers.
  3. Sometimes, an email address is all you need to send a text message. Find out how to use your phone to get in touch with website leads without having their phone numbers.

Video Marketing

  1. Create stunning videos that will attract potential buyers. Check out 7 ways to market your listings with DIY video tours.
  2. Grab the attention of potential prospects and promote your business with video listings and testimonials. Market yourself and your services using video tips from the experts.
  3. Including videos as part of your social media marketing strategy builds community and creates relationships with potential clients. Share real estate videos on Facebook using these strategies for an even wider reach.

3 tools for creating great videos: Camtasia, Animoto and ScreenFlow

Website Tips

  1. Position your website for success by making sure everyone knows about it. With these 15 free (or nearly free) places to advertise your website, you can promote your business and connect with prospects around the clock.
  2. Let your potential clients know you enjoy working as a real estate agent in your community and are good at what you do. Write a great ‘About Me’ page that gets online prospects to know, like and trust you before they even meet you.
  3. Showcase a home on its very own website. Drive interest in your listing by creating a single property website to market it—for free!
  4. Your professional website helps you reach out to prospective clients quickly and easily. Explore website examples to make sure you are using your platform in a way that really works for you.

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  1. Successful online marketing includes operating a great blog full of compelling content and information that lures in readers. Start a real estate blog to attract traffic and incubate leads.
  2. Creating consistent content is an important part of effective online marketing, but how do you stay inspired while maintaining your blog? Use these 5 topic ideas to write blog posts your audience will read, like and share.
  3. Writers block can happen to anyone. Instead of giving in to frustration and defeat, beat the blogging blues quickly with these tips for overcoming writer’s block.
  4. Used correctly, your blog can be a powerful tool for attracting clients and establishing credibility in your market. Avoid blogging blunders that will scare potential customers away.

Client Appreciation

  1. Memorable but inexpensive pop-by gifts are a great tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Customized gifts and fun freebies can break the ice with prospective clients, maintain your affiliation with past clients and keep you top of mind with referral resources.
  2. Looking for an easy and entertaining way to show appreciation and keep top-of-mind with current and former clients, referral sources and colleagues? Pop-by” gifts deliver warm-weather fun to make the most of the summer selling season.
  3. Get tongues wagging with unique and entertaining occasions designed to bring folks together and highlight your business’s products and services. Host client appreciation events for your customer base and grow those community connections!
  4. Real estate is a relationship driven industry, and a sincere note of gratitude is a powerful way to initiate a rapport with prospects, and strengthen your bond with past clients and colleagues. Personalized and well-written thank you cards are an excellent way to retain clients and drum up new business.


  1. Listing photos are powerful marketing tools and can be the deciding factor when homebuyers are contemplating the switch from online shopping to in-person viewing. Take better real estate photos that make your listings look great.
  2. Find your listing photo sweet spot. You can save yourself a lot of time and energy, and optimize your listing marketing strategy, with this data on listing photos.
  3. Rotating photos can seem tricky and time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. Make sure your listings are picture perfect and representative of the quality of your service.
  4. Real estate is a face-to-face business, and the right headshot that’s both professional and personable can make all the difference. Update your agent headshot to reflect your brand, business and personality.
  5. Your face is your brand! Don’t let a bad headshot scare clients away before they even meet you.
  6. Images are a powerful marketing tool both online and in print. Getting the right shot doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. Find free, high-quality photos you can use on your website and blog.


  1. In a rut and tired of making the same old prospecting calls? Try these 4 new strategies when it’s time to find fresh prospects and kick up sales.
  2. Overwhelmed and feeling tired at just the thought of embarking on another round of real estate prospecting? Reframe and regame your prospecting attitudes and actions by overcoming prospecting-phobia with these six easy “do’s and don’ts”.
  3. It takes more time and money to acquire a new client than keep an old one! Get back in touch with past clients by reaching out in 7 different ways.
  4. Without a lead acquisition system that works for you 24/7, you could end up with dry spots in both income and productivity. Avoid a lead-drought by capturing and incubating more leads from the get-go.
  5. “Prospecting phobia” and avoiding the phone can negatively affect your ability to turn prospects into clients. Improve your phone prospecting skills and develop a formula that gives you the best income for your time.
  6. If you’re in a slump or lacking motivation, it’s time to refresh and re-launch your service strategies and energize your listing acquisitions. Jumpstart your listing inventory with real differentiation that will impress sellers and increase your listings.
  7. It’s easy to pick up expired listings that other agents couldn’t sell. By asking smart questions and providing clear insights, you invite potential sellers to work with you to market their properties in a way that better aligns with their needs and expectations.
  8. Never underestimate the power of in-person interactions. Try these 3 offline lead generation strategies for real estate agents, and build trust while gaining referrals and growing your business.
  9. Remain “visible” by subtly adding value to homeowners beyond the one-time sale. Team up with other professionals as reciprocal referral sources to provide a helpful resource.
  10. Military families often have specific needs and concerns. Knowing in advance what these families want and need can help you successfully market to military families that are new to the area.

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  1. Agent income can vary wildly depending a variety of factors, including hours worked per week, location and expenses. Teach clients how much real estate agents really make so they don’t ask you to reduce your commission.
  2. Did you know that 45% of consumers say a bad website is worse than no website? Make sure your real estate website provides a good user experience with this list of 5 bad ideas and 5 tips to improve your online presence.
  3. During the summer months, the real estate market really heats up! Summer staging can help you capitalize on this trend, so it’s important to show your sellers the financial benefits of summer home staging.

The Best Tools For Creating Infographics: Canva, Infogr.am, Piktochart and Venngage.

Other Marketing Tips

  1. “Word of mouth” marketing can be a powerful tool. Collect more testimonials from happy customers to use in your marketing, both online and in print.
  2. Technology designed for the real estate industry has made the job of an agent seem deceptively easy, so it’s important to market your worth. Promote the indispensable value of your skills and expertise on your website.
  3. Don’t put your foot in your mouth when talking to prospects. Avoid some common rookie mistakes by rephrasing your conversations with clients in a way that emphasizes your professionalism and engagement.
  4. Sometimes, real estate marketing can take a turn towards the unusual. Unorthodox marketing can help you stand out from the crowd, but that’s not always a good thing. Check out these 5 unusual real estate marketing examples.
  5. Nowadays, a small budget doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forgo quality marketing materials. Thanks to Fiver, you can hire professional graphic services without a megawatt budget.
  6. Being “green” covers a large spectrum, from newbie to committed environmentalist. Learn to work with environmentally-conscious buyers interested in eco-friendly properties.
  7. Charity fundraisers are a heartwarming way to build rapport with your community and expand your market. Host a fundraiser to see how philanthropy and community outreach can positively affect your life and your business.
  8. Unseen content is time and energy wasted. See how using content marketing to build your brand can expand your business and generate leads.

Find a lot more marketing tips like this right here on Point2 Agent blog, your source for real estate marketing tips.

We want to know: which marketing idea are you going to try first?

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    Next, monitor and respond to queries promptly. You may want to consider subscribing to a low-cost cloud crm system like bpmonline.com for real estate, or engage the services of an agency to do all the work fur you while you are out there selling. Remember, each enquiry is a potential business opportunity.

    Lastly, consider Live Chat. Property prospects like to have their queries answered quickly. They like the fact that there’s someone attending to them.

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  • […] 75 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents […]

  • […] 75 Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents […]

  • Great point “Let your potential clients know you enjoy working as a real estate agent in your community and are good at what you do. Write a great ‘About Me’ page that gets online prospects to know, like and trust you before they even meet you.

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    “48.Real estate is a relationship driven industry…” I couldn’t agree more. I’m not the greatest marketer out there but I’m good with people, being friendly helpful and attentive. I found that at least 50% of my business is now harvested from previous business and contacts. And I’m not afraid to let people know this either through my testimonials on my home page, in my email signatures, on my Facebook page etc.
    I notice that people now have a different level of confidence upon first contact. They almost feel like they know me and the sort of person I am just from visiting my website, being referred by others, reading my about me page and testimonials etc.
    Excellent article, great ideas, very comprehensive.

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