4 Back-to-School Marketing Ideas for Agents


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Ahhh, do you smell that? The scent of freshly sharpened pencils and crisp notebooks can only mean one thing… it’s back-to-school time!

Any change in season is a good time to take a closer look at your real estate marketing efforts. Are you still seeing results? Are there campaigns you can freshen up? Opportunities you can take to reach new prospects?

This time of year is especially great for reinvigorating your referral network and connecting with people who are new to the area.

Here are four back-to-school marketing ideas that you can put to work for your real estate business in the coming weeks:

1. Host a Back-to-School Party

It’s back-to-school season and parents are in a celebratory mood. Why not throw a back-to-school party as a client appreciation event? You can organize a family-friendly picnic on a weekend that takes advantage of the last of the warm weather. Or you can host an adult-only cocktail event where everyone lets their hair down and has fun.

(One tip: don’t force the conversation to real estate too often, but be ready and willing to answer any questions that come up!)

You can also make it a school supply drive to benefit the community. You cover the cost of the event, and ask guests to bring a donation as their admission ticket. This pairs extra well with idea #4.

2. Write a Back-to-School Blog Post

Now that you have a WordPress blog associated with your Point2 Agent website, it’s time to create a back-to-school blog post and put that SEO power to good use!

Here are some back-to-school blog post topic ideas:

  • Write a post that explains how home values are affected by school districts
  • Highlight local businesses offering back-to-school specials
  • Create a directory of your favorite after school programs in your area
  • Share easy back-to-school lunch recipes

When you are done, be sure to share your post on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. If you mention/link to other businesses in your post, be sure to let them know. Those businesses will be likely to share your post, too, driving even more traffic to your website!

3. Deliver Back-to-School Pop-By Gifts

Pop-by gifts with a note and your business card attached will remind your past clients and neighbors that you are actively thinking about them and their needs. When they’re ready to buy or sell or even just talk about their options, they’ll think of you first.

Here are two fun and inexpensive back-to-school pop-by gifts. Click on the photos for details. You can find other fun pop-by ideas for any season here.

Back to School Pop By Real Estate Marketing Point2

Add a personalized message or sticker with a note and your contact information on the back!


Back-to-School Marketing Pop By Point2

Bag up some school supplies and lifesavers then deliver them to houses in your selling area. Don’t forget to add your business card!

4. Support Your Local PTA

Smart agents recognize the value of building strong relationships with the parents, educators and administrators in their local school systems. Build your sphere of influence and become a trusted real estate advisor in the community by actively engaging with the parent-teacher association(s) in your farm area.

You can buy advertising space in their newsletter or on their website, sponsor (and possibly attend) a teacher function and/or volunteer to help with a fundraiser. You might also consider offering a special discount or premium service to members of the PTA. And don’t forget to buy tickets to their annual spaghetti dinner!

What kind of marketing are you doing for back-to-school season this year?

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