4 Prospecting Strategies to Try Now


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Are you stuck in a rut? Tired of making the same old prospecting calls?

Maybe it’s time to shake up your routine and get some new clients using prospecting techniques you haven’t tried before.

These four easy and effective prospecting strategies might be just the thing you need to kick start your sales:

1. Clean Out Your Inbox… Seriously

Do you have emails that have been sitting there for weeks (maybe even months)? Now is the time to get it cleaned out…and make sure it stays that way! Respond to all those lingering messages, ask questions, set coffee dates. You might be surprised at where that next lead is hiding!

2. Send Some Mail

We’re talking real mail: the kind with a postage stamp. These days everyone is so flooded with online mail that it’s nice to get the odd real piece delivered to your door. Think thank you cards, coffee gift certificates, anniversary and birthday cards, etc. Just don’t forget to include your business card!

3. Start “Free Home Evaluation Friday”

You’re probably already doing this for free, but why not showcase it? Post about it on social media, make a big deal about it and make it fun! People will start sharing it with their friends and before you know it, potential leads will be coming your way!

4. Join a Club

If you don’t meet new people, it’s hard to get new leads. So why not make it a goal? Join a local book, sports or activities club…or offer to speak at one! You will undoubtedly make some new friends, and maybe find a new buyer or seller!

Before you start prospecting, don’t forget to update your Point2 Agent website (here are 6 quick things you can do)! That way, if a prospect Googles you, he or she will be sure to see the best possible representation of your services and your listings.

What is your favorite way to prospect? Are you looking for more potential buyers or sellers?

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