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5 Blog Post Ideas Point2 Erica Rascon

Congrats on setting up your Point2 Agent website with all of it’s snazzy features like SEO optimization, drip email campaigns and social media integration. Now about that blog. It’s looking pretty sparse. You started off strong and then ran out of ideas. No worries, we’ve got five blog ideas for real estate agents to help you maintain your groove.

1. The history of the neighbourhood(s)

A few points of interest may be why the town was founded (steel town, railroad junction, etc.) and social or political events that took place there. Content like this gives your neighbourhood context, maybe even explaining why the neighbourhood is arranged as it is, or why clients will encounter certain styles of homes in one area and not in another. These details interest some buyers and will give them a greater appreciation for the property that they plan to purchase.

2. New developments in the area

New developments can be a huge selling point. Parks, trails and schools add long-term value for residents. New restaurants and shopping centres can make the area seem active and vibrant. It may also be worthwhile to offer updates on infrastructure improvements; they’re less sexy but can convey an active neighbourhood committee and responsive government officials. If traffic has been a turn-off for your clients, updates on roadwork can show them that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

3. Local pop culture

This may require a bit of digging, but it will definitely be fun! Find movies and television shows that were filmed in the area. There may even be films currently in production. It could also be interesting to see which famous personalities got their start in your town or currently call it home. (These tidbits of pop culture can also promote conversation during car rides between showings and are great for social media.)

4. Feature locally-owned businesses

Writing about local businesses is a great way to build symbiotic relationships. You promote a local shop or great breakfast spot on your blog. In exchange, the business might post your flyers or business cards. Win-win! Having articles about local businesses is also a good way to help new residents get acclimated. They’ll return to your blog because they see you as a local authority. You’ll stay on their radars when they’re ready for another property or when they’re making referrals to friends.

5. Upcoming events

Show off how fun and exciting your neighbourhood can be by writing about upcoming events. Concerts, festivals, gallery showings, pub crawls, free yoga classes—the options are endless. It may be a good idea to pick a target audience for each event. Focus on families, singles, couples, different age groups and interest groups to show diversity within your neighbourhood.

Now get to work making excellent content. Strike while the iron is hot!

What’s the most popular blog post you’ve ever written? Share a link with us. We’ll read it, and we might even tweet it!

Today’s guest post comes to us from Erica Rascón, an online content developer and contributing editor for The Balance Sheet — the Yardi corporate blog.

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