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How many times had you had a frustrating experience with part of the home loan process? We’re betting it’s more times than you can count on one hand!

Whether there’s a paperwork delay, lack of communication or unrealistic client expectations, it’s easy for the loan process to add some bumps to an otherwise smooth closing. And, if you’re one of our U.S. agents, you might be worried about extra delays that could occur as a result of upcoming the TILA-RESPA legislation that takes effect August 1st.

Well, we’re here to help! For yesterday’s coaching webinar, mortgage expert Mike White joined our hostess with the mostest Terri Murphy to talk about how real estate agents can work with loan professionals to facilitate the loan approval process, create a better customer service experience and expand your client base.

Watch the recorded session below to learn:

  • How to avoid most of the problems that can occur during the loan process by setting expectations up front
  • How to work as a team to reach objectives in a specific time frame
  • How to save your buyers and sellers from painful closing delays

You will also get Mike’s list of 5 secondary documents your buyers should have ready, as well as his 7 important tips for listing agents!

After the video, don’t forget to visit the blog to hear her free podcast on the legislative changes in the U.S.

Do you have a question about working with loan professionals? Leave it below, and we’ll find the answer!

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