Broker Training: How to Partner with Loan Professionals


Make more sales with profitable real estate agent/loan professional partnerships

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Brokers know that when it comes to real estate, every revenue stream really counts! If you are an office that includes mortgage services, getting more loans closed can dramatically increase your bottom line!

The challenge is that, historically, real estate agents and loan originators have endured a “love-hate” relationship. Loan professionals claim agents simply shop rates, and agents claim mortgage professionals are there to serve their marketing and open house needs. Neither of course is true, and sadly, both groups miss the many advantages of a purposeful and structured partnership that can make both parties more money more easily!

Our June expert is super mortgage coach, Michael F. White, who leads coaching for loan professionals that often results in tripling their income in less than 12 months! With the changes in consumer demands, the incredibly complicated number of loan solutions and the legislative changes, Mike has partnered up us to host our June broker training.

If you want proven tips, steps, strategies and systems that help promote seriously profitable agent/loan professional partnership activities, join us on Wednesday, June 3rd, at noon CST when Mike and Terri will share:

  • Simple steps that reveal seriously impressive results when agents and loan professionals work together
  • How basic systems for customer care can work to produce more income and more closed transactions
  • What your agents need to effectively structure relationships with loan professionals that are guaranteed to create differentiation in your marketplace
  • How to get more listings sold when agents get the right support from their lender partner


If you are looking for ways to harness the power of truly profitable golden partnerships, join us on June 3 at Noon CST to discover how a strategic partnership can pump up your bottom line!

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