Watch Now: 5 Super Secrets to Sell Value


super secrets to sell value“We don’t want to pay full commission.”

“But another agent said he can sell our house for just 4%.”

“Can you reduce your rate?”

Sound familiar? No one likes it when the conversation goes this way in a listing appointment, but it happens. The important thing is to be prepared so you get paid what you’re worth!

If you missed yesterday’s agent coaching session with top expert Terri Murphy, you can watch the recording now to learn how to sell you value without cutting your price. Press play on the video below to discover:

  • 5 secret strategies to sell your value without reducing your price
  • 12 ways to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • 7 areas of specialized agent training to focus on that will make you stand out

Stay tuned through the end of the webinar for scripts that will help you navigate especially difficult conversations about commission.

After watching the recording, don’t forget to claim your free eBook, “Sell Value, Not Price: Tie-Breaking Strategies that Make PRICE Irrelevant.” Simply visit

How often do you have new clients ask you to reduce your rate?

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