Broker Training: Helping Agents Sell Value


helping agents sell valueThis webinar is now over. Watch the recording here.

Do your agents know how to sell value and not cut their fees to get more listings?

The most dreaded question asked at a listing appointment happens when the listing prospect says, “We don’t want to pay your commission, and so if you want this listing, you better cut your fees.” If you are running a brokerage company in today’s competitive market, you know that cutting into profits is already tough because profits are at a premium!

Running an office is more of a challenge than ever before! In the old days a desk, a phone and a few pencils were all that was needed to launch a new agent into the marketplace. With the advent of the Internet, technology has caused costs to skyrocket due to the need to add additional equipment, systems, computers, terminals, storage and more!

What can today’s broker/manager do to help agents almost never hear that request again? The answer is simple: help them to articulate a strong value proposition of their services. “When the service options are so robust, creative and well-defined, the issue of price is less likely to be an objection,” says Don Hutson, selling value expert and author.

Don is our May guest. He’s also a #1 NYTimes and Wall Street Journal two times best-selling author and global expert on selling value. With an early background selling real estate, Don is excited to help us define our service platform by sharing the 7 different types of differentiation so our prospects are less likely to ask for a reduction in fees.

Join us on Wednesday, May 13, at 12:00 CST/1:00 EST when Don works with Point2 to deliver: sell value with Point2 and don hutson

  • How to never cut price again and preserve your profit margins
  • The scripts you need to train agents to address the fee reduction request
  • How to deliver an outstanding value proposition built around the 7 principles of value selling
  • How to add distinction to your service model to get prospects to stand in line to hire your agents

It’s a special opportunity to have Don Hutson share his wisdom! Attendees will have access to a complimentary copy of his new eBook, Selling Value, so don’t wait!

The webinar is over. Click to watch recording.


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