What Do Real Estate Agents Do?


If you’re a real estate agent, chances are that you have probably had to defend your commission once or twice.

Maybe you’ve had a client who thinks “you just put a sign in the ground and collect the money.” Or that all you do is drive people around in your car.

Here at Point2, we know that you do a heck of a whole lot more than that! In an effort to dispel any real estate myths that agents don’t have to work hard to earn a living, we’ve put together a list of some of the many tasks agents perform for every transaction. Talk about being multi-talented.

Next time a buyer or seller wants to know more about what you do all day, just show them this list!

What Real Estate Agents Dowhat do real estate agents do

When you’re selling a house…

Coordinate listing presentation
Research comparable properties
Offer pricing strategy assistance
Review closing costs
Verify property details: lot size, utilities etc…
Verify current loan information
Complete seller’s disclosure form
Enter the listing into the MLS
Add property to brokerage/agent website
Create single property website
Install yard sign and lockbox
Communicate with HOA manager (as applicable)
Help stage for showing and photos
Suggest curb appeal enhancements
Hire and coordinate with a photographer
Orchestrate online and print marketing
Schedule open houses
Request feedback from buyer’s agents
Coordinate price changes
Receive and deliver offers
Evaluate offers with sellers
Confirm buyer’s pre-approval
Negotiate counteroffers
Communicate with buyer’s agent/broker
Change listing status to pending
Obtain copies of repair bills as needed
Arrange appraisal

When you’re buying a house…

Coordinate buyer interviews
Recommend mortgage specialists
Confirm pre-approval
Schedule home tours
Draft and submit offers
Deliver earnest money to escrow account
Get and explain disclosures
Meet with the home inspector
Order septic and mold inspections as needed
Review inspection results with buyers
Negotiate repairs
Negotiate contract terms
Negotiate counteroffers
Track the loan process
Relay approval to seller’s agent
Schedule appraisal

When you’re closing a sale…

Schedule and attend the final walkthrough
Compile and review closing documents
Verify title insurance
Verify home warranty
Move earnest money from escrow account to closing agent
Verify transfer of keys
Close out the listing on the MLS
Take listing off broker/agent website

In general…

Keep up with changing laws
Meet continued education requirements
Maintain your website
Answer online inquiries
Engage on social media
Return missed phone calls
Prospect for new clients
Write blog posts

Here’s a great infographic by REALTOR® Andrew Fortune that really shows the variety of tasks agents manage every day:

day in the life of a realtor

We’re sure there are plenty of other real estate agent tasks we haven’t thought of. What’s one thing you do all the time that didn’t make this list?


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