Point2 Homes Generates More Leads Than Ever Before


Great news, agents! We are happy to report that recent stats show that Point2 Homes continues to be one of the fastest growing real estate search portals in Canada. With more traffic, more views and more leads than ever before, Point2 Homes is the place to showcase your listings!

More Opportunities for Agents

Are you looking for more exposure for your listings? If you already use Point2 Agent, you’re in luck! You can easily add your listings on Point2 Homes, while also taking advantage of other online marketing tools for real estate agents and brokers.

Your Point2 Agent account comes with: a mobile-friendly agent website, listing syndication, featured advertising opportunities on Point2 Homes, advanced lead generation tools, property websites, and much more. If you’re a real estate professional who doesn’t use Point2 Agent yet, now is the time to try out Point2 Agent’s lead-generating capabilities by starting your 30-day free trial.

Check Out the Stats

Point2 Homes Infographic TrafficTop Resource for Home Buyers

With more than 12.7 million views each month, Point2 Homes is the fastest growing real estate search portal in Canada, helping buyers get one step closer to their dream homes – and connecting them with skilled real estate professionals in their area.

In fact, in March alone, there were over 162,000 consumer-to-agent connections made on Point2 Homes.

Growth by Province

We have also seen skyrocketing numbers of visitors from specific regions:

  • Toronto, ON (holding the record for number of visitors) – now up by 129%
  • Winnipeg, MB – now up by 373%
  • Ottawa, ON – now up by 89%
Social media traffic has also grown by a staggering 478%, credited mostly to the Point2 Homes Canada Facebook page, the social meeting place of over 17,000 home buyers and real estate professionals.

Good News for Everyone

We are so happy to share this news, both for our friends at Point2 Homes and for our amazing Point2 Agent customers. You now have access to more exposure than ever before, both for your listings and for your agent profile.


If you have any questions about how to syndicate your listings to Point2 Homes or how to use your Featured Ads, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly Canadian Customer Care team. You can always give us a call at 866-977-1777.

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