Agent Coaching: Revamp, Redesign & Reignite Your Sales!


AgentTraining_04-17_blogIt’s long past January when we all made those lofty New Year’s resolutions, but are you on track or off beat?

No matter what business you are in, staying on track is the most challenging activity we face every day. Real estate is one of those businesses where you can be “busy” but not be performing the activities that are truly profitable. Daily emergencies can have you off and running, often in the wrong direction.

If you are like most of us, it is easy to get distracted, and work hard, but on the wrong things! With real focus and a streamlined plan, you can eliminate fake work and end the day with more money in your pocket!

Next week Verl Workman, coach and Point2 favorite, will join us to teach you how to eliminate fake work and stay focused on making sales. Verl knows what we need every day are simple, do-able steps to end the week, month and year with impressive sales numbers.


In our 36-minute virtual coaching event, Verl will share:

  • The one easy and profitable action most agents fail to do
  • Why the usage of effective scripts will generate more sales
  • The tools you need to streamline your systems and marketing
  • How working with a partner or team can bring you more profits

Cost: FREE!
Date: Thursday, April 23rd
Time: Noon Central

Verl never misses the mark and is offering some complimentary coaching sessions to those that attend. Be sure to join us and get the real scoop from one of the most successful real estate coaches ever.  Have fun, discover new tips and strategies… all in only 36 minutes! Click here to register for FREE!

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