Increase Engagement with Organic Targeting on Facebook


FB_OrganicTargeting_04-09_blogIt’s no secret that organic reach for Facebook business pages has decreased dramatically over the last year or so.

Many brands are seeing their organic Facebook posts reach just 5% or less of their fan base. Facebook advertising is a great way to engage client and prospects, but of course you can’t afford to boost every post. (If you are interested in trying out Facebook advertising for your real estate business, here are 5 tips to get started.)

So now you’re wondering:

Is there a more strategic way to create Facebook posts?

There is! It’s called targeting your posts, and it can help you reach a more engaged audience.

What is post targeting on Facebook?

Organic targeting allows you to target the audience that will see your post in their News Feeds. Here are the basics:

  • Targeting lets you use filters to select which of your fans your post will be served to.
  • This creates a smaller audience with a larger potential for engagement based on active interests.
  • You can layer different filters to create a very specific audience.
  • Anyone who visits your actual Facebook page will still be able to see the post, no matter who you targeted it to.
  • The minimum number of people you can target a post to is 20.
  • It’s been available since summer 2014.

How do you use it?

This setting is available to anyone with a page, you just have to turn it on to get started. Log in to your page, go to Settings > General > Targeting and Privacy for Posts:

Facebook organic targeting

To use it, start creating a post like this:

Facebook organic targeting 2


Click the Select Targeting dropdown to choose your audience:

Facebook organic targeting 3

Choose the audience you want your post to reach:

Facebook organic targeting 4

Targeting a specific demographic may limit your reach slightly, but it has been shown to generate a better response rate from the people who actually see your post (especially for pages with smaller fan bases). So if you’re looking for people to click through or otherwise engage with your content, it can be a good way to go.

What kind of targeting might work for a real estate agent or broker?

  • If you work with students or seniors, Age targeting can help you reach your desired audience.
  • If you’re posting about listings or an event in a certain neighborhood, but have a wide fan base, Location targeting might be just the ticket!
  • Interests can help you reach Facebook users who are more likely to be interested in your blog post or infographic topics.

Have you tried this Facebook feature? Did you notice increased likes, clicks or comments?

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