How to Attract, Grow and Maintain a Top Producing Team


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We all know that building a profitable brokerage starts with great agents and top leadership, but how can you be sure you choose the right professionals?

A critical component in any business is a strong brand that offers a differentiation in a marketplace of similar providers. In the real estate business, creating a level of “Navy Seal” talent takes several savvy steps.

This month’s free broker profitability training will show you exactly how to attract, grow and maintain a top producing team.

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According to our expert, Lillian Montalto, it starts with a culture of competence and presentation. Located just outside of Boston, Lillian and her team of agents own the Andover marketplace. It all starts with hiring the right team members.

How do you find agents that fit your culture and expectations? Lillian says that she doesn’t have to recruit, because the word is out! If you want to grow your business, join Signature Properties.

In our April Broker Profitability session, Lillian will share what steps it takes to get hired for (and by) her team. Dress codes, commitments to prospecting, daily activity sheets and production minimums are just part of the requirements.

Behavioral style reports are a pivotal part of determining the personality type of potential agents. Lillian will also tell you how the Signature Properties team must ‘feel’ the fit before inviting a new member to join the force.

Additional insights come from broker/owner Lisa Burridge, who built a small company in Casper, Wyoming, that shares similar management requirements. In a town of less than 70,000 people, her team of five closes over 600 transactions per year using a structured and measureable management policy that keeps the team at the top of the production charts.

Want to know more about how to get your team from drab to fab? Join us for our April session where we help brokers and managers to discover:

  • How to define a team culture unique to you – one size does not fit all!
  • Why coaching is pivotal to keeping your agents on track
  • How to set up buyer and listing agency activities with each member
  • The impact of weekly accountability meetings on your overall production
  • Strategies to keep agents focused on optimum performance

If you are looking to create a team of powerful professionals who work both for and with you, don’t miss this session where we share the mindset of top producing offices, what they do and how they stay there! Join us on Thursday, April 9th at noon CST and get the real scoop!

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