Meerkat for Real Estate


Have you heard about Meerkat?

No, we’re not talking about the furry little mongoose relative. Meerkat is a new live streaming app that allows users to broadcast video in real time to a wide audience.

Download the Meerkat app (iOS only for now) to live broadcast anything using just your smartphone, and you can instantly be the star of your own newscast, so to speak. (Sitcom might be more accurate, depending on your home/work environments.)

Meerkat is kind of like live tweeting, except there’s video so everyone can see and hear what’s going on, instead of just reading your interpretation of it. Here’s how it works: Meerkat for Real Estate

  • Everything that you broadcast using Meerkat appears on Twitter.
  • Meerkat streams are pushed to your followers using push notifications.
  • Streams can only be watched in real time. They are not recorded elsewhere, except for on your phone.
  • People watching your Meerkat streams can re-stream them to their followers, just like retweeting tweets.
  • Watchers can comment on your stream in real time, and you are able to see the comments while you broadcast.

Click here to watch a short, 1-minute video that shows you how to use Meerkat.

Meerkat Ideas for Real Estate

Do you have a healthy base of followers on Twitter? Here are some ideas for real estate-related live broadcasts you can stream to your social sphere:

Home Showings

Got a hot new listing? Meerkat a live tour to your followers! You can even schedule home tours at the same time(s) every week, so your audience knows when to “tune in” to see homes that are just hitting the market.

Buyer and Seller Presentations

Think of it like a webinar but without all that fussy software, registration and password nonsense. Host live buyers and seller presentations at your office and invite your clients and prospects to tune in. Worry your clients aren’t Twitter savvy? You can send an email notification with a link letting them know when you are live.

Brokerage Announcements

Do you have big news? Whether you’re announcing a new buyer’s program, charitable partnership or something else, live stream it using Meerkat to dramatically broaden your reach.

Remember: There are always privacy concerns around live broadcasts. We recommend you play it safe and be sure to only stream people and places that have given you permission.

Let us know if you give Meerkat a try! You can always tweet us @point2news.


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