Marketing with Single Property Websites


SinglePropWebsites_03-18_blogSingle property websites: they’re like the open houses of the Internet.

What are property sites and why should agents use them?

A property website is an entire website dedicated to a single listing, with all the photos, amenity details and neighborhood information a buyer could ever want. Buyers love the attention to detail. It saves them time, showcases a home in its best light and helps them make an informed decision about whether they want to view the listing or not.

Sellers also love property websites for obvious reasons. It’s the perfect way to feature their home (and your marketing capabilities) and make them feel extra special. They will be sure to share the web address with all their friends and family, of course, dramatically expanding the online reach of the listing.

How do you get a single property website?

If you use Point2 Agent for your online marketing and CRM needs, the good news is that you already have access to this advanced lead generating feature. Express users get 1 property site, Professional users get 5 property sites, and Elite users get unlimited property sites.

Point2 property sites are reusable, too, so as soon as you sell your selected listing, you can repurpose the website for another one. To learn more about Point2 property sites and how to get started using them, click here.

Where should you market property websites for the biggest impact?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a by-no-means-complete list of ways and places to market your single property websites:

  • Be sure the share any links to property websites on your agent website, so your site visitors can see your top listings (and what a great agent you are).
  • Share links on your social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. Don’t just write, “Check out my new listing!” Be sure to say something interesting about the home or neighborhood – or who it’s perfect for!
  • Create a rider with the URL of your site for the yard sign in front of the listing. This way drive-by prospects can check out the inside of the home online, right away. Point2’s property sites are mobile friendly, ideal for busy buyers on the go.
  • Add a social media sharing sidebar to your single property website, so site visitors can easily share it with their social circles.
  • Include links to your property sites in your real estate newsletter! Don’t send out a newsletter? Here are 10 tips to help you create one.

Single property websites can help you get more listings and sell them faster! This is one online marketing opportunity that today’s agents definitely shouldn’t pass up. Please let us know if you have any questions about how to put this Point2 Agent feature to work for you.

How do you promote your single property websites?


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