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CreateYourOwnMemes_03-12_blogLove them or hate them, real estate memes are great for engagement.

Whether you work at a fun, family-oriented real estate agency or a high-end property management company, carefully selected memes can be a lighthearted way to interact with clients, colleagues and referral partners. You may choose to share them on your website, on social media channels, in an email or even via text. Of course, finding just the right thing for the right audience can be tough.

The good news is that it’s very easy to create your own real estate memes!

How to create your own memes

It’s simple! You can either start from scratch or use an existing, recognized meme and add your own text.

Starting from scratch:

If you want to create a meme using your own image, perhaps of life at your office or a funny home detail, it’s as easy as snapping a pic with your phone and opening an app. There are many free, meme-creating apps out there you can download right onto your smartphone or tablet. Then you can use any photo in your gallery to create your perfect meme. We like Meme Generator for Android devices and MeMatic for iOS.

Using an existing meme character:

If you want to create a meme using a well-known meme character, like business cat or bad luck Brian, you can use a free online editing tool like quick meme or Meme Creator. Using Meme Creator, you can even upload your own image and add captions, so it’s a great option if you prefer working on a computer to a mobile device.

Here’s a real estate meme we created with Meme Creator for this post:

Grumpy Cat

We pin real estate memes on our “Real Estate Humor” Pinterest board, and they always get a lot of traction.

Although these pins don’t drive leads directly to our website, our fun board has earned mentions on top social media lists like this who’s who of the real estate industry to follow on Pinterest. This sends great social signals and attracts new followers, increasing the number of people who see all of our pins, including the ones that do drive traffic to our website. In fact, Pinterest is one of the top referrers to our blog, sending hundreds of visitors our way every day!

How do you use real estate memes in your marketing? If you create any particularly funny or successful ones, please share a link below.


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